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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Is a binge connected to a ritual? Norma stated something to this effect in her comment earlier and I have been thinking about it.

The ritual that leads up to a binge.

Rituals are often evident in binge eating; such as a specific pattern of purchasing/gathering large quantities of food, which is usually consumed in secrecy during binge episodes. 

Good information here.

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I know it helped when I was still teaching to just sit down, go through the mail, and have something to drink when I got home because I was so anxious about eating and would often binge at that time.

There is also the brownie situation in an earlier post. Why did we bake them in the first place? What makes us think we can stop at one this time? Evidently we NEEDED the binge for some reason.

The ritual that keeps us in the binge.

While in the binge we must make sure to eat all the things we will have to give up once the binge is over. Until we accomplish that the binge needs to continue. This includes sweet food, salty food, and fast food.

The ritual that leads us back to sanity.

We are spent. The binge has accomplished its purpose whether we know what that purpose was or not. We have punished ourselves sufficiently and now are ready to start another ritual - - -

This ritual is more constructive however.