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Monday, March 3, 2014

What is a Miracle Anyway?

You cannot expect miracles to happen overnight. Be patient, be loving, and little by little the change you seek will come.

Jesus told many who came to him and were healed that it was their faith that had healed them. That's the faith I want.

As the first line states, all miracles are not some blast and an instantaneous and miraculous change occurs. Maybe we have a little too high of a minimum for what a miracle is. I've read about the miracle that is the human eye. A baby is a miracle. Two people can create another person who can see, hear, and love. I heard an interesting question somewhere - can't remember where. The question was if science can explain all of this why do we die? I just read in our national geographic that native Americans attribute the beginning of life to lightening. The hand of God has often moved through nature.

Sometimes the miracle is something that didn't happen. It's a miracle I am not diabetic. It's through no fault of my own. Remember the risky things we have done during our younger years? What were we thinking? Some of you may have some miracles you would share?

I have related the story before about one of our English teachers at Eastern Hancock who had lost his leg in the Korean War. He was near death and his Church had set up a 24-hour prayer chain. He told me Jesus came to take him over and he asked if he could stay to raise his family. He lived and has a prosthetic leg. 

What's your miracle?


  1. I used to wish for a miracle to save me from the family I was born into. And then I realized that the miracle had already come. I was surviving growing up with them and had grown into someone who was nothing like them at all. Honestly, it is a miracle just how far I managed to fall from the family tree!
    Honestly though, the best miracle in my life is that my husband survived an extreme near fatal infection 5 years ago and we still get to share the rest of our lives together. This turned out to be such a blessing and helped us to grasp so many of our dreams as nothing is too big to reach for now, not after having been through that.
    Interesting topic. Thanks for bringing it up!

    1. You are such an example of the fact that we don't have to be what we come from. It restores my faith in humanity because we can counsel people that they can be something more and reach past our grasp. I like the saying that it's better to reach for the stars and miss than to reach for the mundane and succeed. That's not it exactly but you get my point. Thanks for telling about your miracles. Take care.

  2. I have written long and loud about these chronic migraines. This one started back in January of 2003 and is still hanging in there. When we moved to FL last year and I changed doctors, I was very nervous. My old doctor wasn't making progress, but I knew that she was personally invested in the outcome. So, I was always hopeful that something would change. Turns out, my new doctor was a miracle. She has slowly gotten me off nearly all Rx medication, changed my diet, I am now exercising. These are all miracles. Not giving up hope in the face of a situation that doesn't change for the better is its own miracle. Believing that the solution is just ahead.

    So, my therapist (referred by the current doctor) helped me discover some of my issues contributing to this migraine. But not all. And so it hung on. She directed me to buy the book Unlearn Your Pain (which I recommend for the WHOLE world since nearly everyone has some pain that is not tissue related, but is REAL). That book is all about the Mind Body Syndrome. Our minds cause very real manifestations in our bodies. If that were not so, we wouldn't blush when we are embarrassed. The mind registers it and the body shows the evidence.

    This book is all about getting to the ROOT of our pain. I am discovering that my roots date back to my teen years, a move, a painful three years of school in which I was bullied horribly, and a feeling of being trapped and losing myself. Back then, I had terrible headaches and gastro-intestinal distress. High school got better and the headaches went away. It wasn't until my first job and the stress of a boyfriend in Desert Storm that the insomnia came back and the gastro pain was so intense that I saw a specialist and had an upper GI. Over the years, as stress in my personal or work life amped up, so did something in my body. The thing was that when that resolved, so did the physical pain. It was only when I married my now ex-husband that the migraines went crazy and stayed. Mostly because I stayed in a situation in which I felt trapped and unable to vocalize all of my fear and anxiety. In other words, it was a repeat of those traumatic three years of junior high school. I was married for three years. Exactly.

    Just seeing this pattern makes it possible to unlearn the pain and become pain-free. I believe it. I am only beginning on this journey, but I can see a light at the end of this tunnel. I have hope. Real hope. The kind that my life is about to change. And that is a miracle.

    1. Thank you so much for relating this. I hope that by telling of your miracles others will see that miracles are real. We need to testify more about it because there are many who are hopeless in their pain. I can't tell you how thankful I am that your health issues are abating and that you are learning your way out. Take care.