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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Public Enemy No. 1

Are We Our Own Worst Enemy?

We all know the answer to that one don't we?

My sister at jensgyrations.blogspot.com alerted me to this article. She has a medical transcription business. She has a conservative political/humor/life in general type of blog.

This article is more of an add-on to the one I just published. I think you will get something from it.

Unless my sister finds something else for me, I am probably done posting for today :-)


  1. OK, so I know for sure that I am definitely 'not normal'! LOL
    My own answers were first that I don't want any drugs of any kind and then when I tried to go along with the hypothetical just for the sake of it, my answers were totally not what most people answered. I decided I wanted the performance enhancing no matter what because I would never choose to impair myself. I figured I could at least go for a record time on the easy test and that I might just do really well on the harder one.
    Man, did I fall FAR from my family tree! I read your other post too and I am so darn annoying to people who like to give excuses or declare that they've 'tried'. I've been called judgmental by the old 'fam. Oh well. I'll keep on knowing that if I've really tried, I've probably made it or at least come darn close. ;)

    1. It's humbling to think that we would do some of the things presented to us. Without a personal set of boundaries, we can fall prey to unhealthy things. I know of your old family through your posts and comments and give you all the credit you deserve for overcoming a tough background. Some people can overcome that and some are forever scarred. It is good that you try to make them see their destructive ways but trying in your case is commendable. When the outcome depends on them you can only do so much trying. It's like playing tennis against a blanket isn't it? Take care.