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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Is Giving Up An Option?

 Of course it is.

The biggest weakness in all of humanity is giving up — calling it quits, throwing in the towel. Only do things if they are important to you; forget the things that aren’t important to you. If they’re important to you, then pursue them until you succeed. No exceptions, ever.   -unknown

If it's important to us we make room for it; we plan around it so it is accomplished; we are focused.

Giving up says a few things possibly:

We aren't worth the effort.
It isn't important to us after all.
We haven't thought through the positive and/or negative consequences.
Nobody else cares, why should I?
We don't want to do it.
We would rather do something else.
Change takes longer than we thought, and the process is harder. (optimism bias)
"I wasn't sure that this would work in the first place. I tried it out—it didn't do that much good. As I guessed, this was kind of a waste of time!" (We provide the way out at the beginning)
I'm facing some unique challenges right now. It might be better if I just stopped and did this at a time when things weren't so crazy. (Is there such a time?)
We miss our comfort zone.
We want the results without having to do what it takes to cause those results. 

Real change takes real effort and it is hard work. The only part of this I enjoy is the results. The results have to be worth it. Why would anyone want to work for one or two years to achieve a goal that wasn't all that big of a deal after all. Nobody I know.

I have spent my adult life trying to achieve this goal and maintain it. If it wasn't worth it, I wouldn't keep trying. Who would? This is my third time losing my weight because I achieved my goal twice and then threw it away.

This must be a pretty big deal or I would have given up long ago.


  1. “Never, never, never, never give up.” (Churchill)

    1. -- and he knew what he was talking about. Take care.

  2. I like the way that you break down all the excuses and really show what something important is worth. So many times we stop with one lousy excuse and then never accomplish what we set out to do. We are worth more than any old lousy excuse!

    1. Excuses can become a habit. It is so discouraging when we let them get the best of us. Take care. Hope you are done with your moving project.