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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Are You Bound?

Men are anxious to improve their circumstances, but
are unwilling to improve themselves. They, therefore,
remain bound.
As a Man Thinketh by James Allen.

I got this quote from Rebecca's blog. She and I have become good  friends and have even met for lunch! It's great to meet a blogging friend in person. Any of you ever done that?

When I visualize being bound it usually involves ropes and somebody being unable to move. However, a person can be bound to something that nobody but that person knows about.

Anxiety can take on a life of its own. We can start being anxious about being anxious over something.

Are we anxious about the next weigh in?
Are we anxious about the family reunion where all kinds of food will be available?
Are we anxious about getting through the weekend?
Are we anxious about getting into our clothes?

Why? It's not like there's anything new happening.

Aren't we anxious because we have failed so much in the past over these things? We are anticipating another failure rather than becoming resolute about overcoming it. We cower at the scales. We throw our control out the window when we get to the reunion. The stress over eating and drinking all weekend is just too much. We won't even talk about those clothes we would like to wear again.

We are so bound to eating that even before this meal is done that we wolfed down and didn't enjoy we are thinking about the next one and how long we have to wait and what we will have.

My Mom used to say somebody had the "bound to's" meaning determined and having already decided to do something. We talk about people being bound and determined.  Those who have experienced how wonderful it is to get to goal weight remember we were bound and determined; we had the bound to's. Today did not revolve around the "if's", "when's", and "maybe's".  Today was another bit of time that it was going to take to get where we were bound and determined to go.

If we fall into old behavior patterns (again) are we not bound to them? If a new behavior becomes a priority can we not be bound to that as well?

Are you changing your "bound to's?"


  1. :) What a surprise to be mentioned here!
    And what food for thought...
    Today (in spite of an unwelcomed cold - my third in a rather short time), I bind myself to healthy, stimulating activity. I will be productive and outward focused rather than introspective and UNproductive. I'll let you know how that works for me.

    1. Sorry to hear about yet another cold. This winter has been hard on all of us in so many ways. We close up our houses and the same old air gets re-circulated and germs grow. I have heard of opening the windows even in winter long enough to get a new batch of air in the house. Colds do make us feel pretty "slow" so do the best you can. Take care.

  2. It's interesting, I think, that I view behaviors in two ways. I consider the bound type to be one we have to fight for and commit to (positively.) I consider the negative behavior patterns "sticky". They stick, because they serve some sort of purpose, but not the ones we want to accomplish.

    1. That is interesting. I would be the exact opposite. Being bound in my view would be something I wanted to get away from. I was bound for years to the binge and have finally gotten free - not to say I don't overeat occasionally but it's not that frantic, compulsive, frenzied kind of eating. I was bound to that for years. Now I am free of it but it took years. The binges got farther and farther apart and less and less severe. I have had to "stick" to exercising, drinking water, and eating right in the hopes of being bound to THAT for the rest of my life. Thanks for the insight. Take care.

  3. Being bound is a scary thought to me. I never like anything that makes me feel trapped. It is amazing how many times we get in our own way.
    I have met Robin of YOUR DAILY DOSE irl. I met her when she still lived in Georgia and my husband went to Atlanta for business. She is just as she is on her blog. Awesome!

    1. It does seem scary. My dad said he though he would probably lose his mind if someone tied him up and put him in the truck of a car for example. I think I would too. Being bound would be terrifying yet we are bound to so many things it seems. Some people get away; some don't. Take care.