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Saturday, January 25, 2014

You OK?

Remember my race horse story the other day? I wish I had found this picture before I posted that. I just went through the list of blogs I was following and deleted several because they have been silent for so long. They were in the race and stopped.

That's what I did at the end of last year. I stopped. People did ask about where I was and I would tell them I had just lost all interest and the inspiration just wasn't there for me. I couldn't think of topics to write about. I wasn't eating as I should. I only lost one follower but have now gained two new ones so it's all good.

Stopping can be dangerous. There were people following me. I let them down as well as myself. I could have been at goal weight. As it is I am covering ground that I have covered before and I have a horse that's checking for signs of life.

Nothing to do but get back in the saddle.

I am really happy with the challenge I am doing. I just completed the third day on line 1 even though my quadriceps were screaming this morning. I think I am progressing doing the push ups. I do the five as best I can and then lie on my back with a 10 lb. weight in each hand and do some bench presses (25 of them). I know, I know - I'm a beast. After three more days on line 1 I will have a rest day and then I will be clear up to line 2. How are your fitness goals coming along?


  1. I went almost 19 months (between Feb 2012 and Sept 2013) without posting. (To this day, I am not sure why I stopped so abruptly.) I almost deleted my blog a few times, but I'm glad I didn't. I didn't lose any followers (but never had many to begin with) and now that I'm back, I'm meeting some great new folks too, including you!

    1. Making new friends is one of the benefits of blogging. We can be more honest and open in our blogs than we can with family and friends. I guess we feel safe with these people who share many of our struggles in their own lives. I'm glad you are back and that we have met. Take care.