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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Chain

Remember those chains we used to make out of construction paper back in the day? We often used them as decorations on a Christmas tree.  I am in a 42 day challenge that is pretty much vegan eating. I have my 42 pieces of construction paper links cut out and each successful day I will add a link to my chain. I write the date on the paper before I add it to my chain. It's just a visual to help stay with it because as the chain gets longer I won't want to have to stop adding links.

Here is the facebook page for it.


I hope address works. If you have a facebook page you could still join in if you need even more group support.

This food plan has more of the good carbs in it rather than low carb which tries to limit all carbs. It's very filling. I was not eating beans but this food plan encourages beans and whole grains like oats.

Getting to my goal weight of 157 is Job 1 this year. I have all the things here I need to be successful - even my brain :-)

Well, we are off the launching pad for 2014 - we have 364 blank pages left in our books for this year. Let's write a best seller. 

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