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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Good Information

Here is a good site with some information I already knew, some information I needed to have reinforced, and some new information which I am always hungry for (should I use that word :-)?

It made me think about how we rush to help people deal with a weight gain or a hold. If a person has been exercising and writes about a weight gain we all want to rush to tell them that muscle weighs more than fat. This site tells us that a pound of muscle and a pound of fat both weigh a pound. I thought "duh" - why didn't I think of that? A pound of muscle is more metabolically active and is more dense but it still weighs a pound. Bummer. I really wanted to blame that weight from eating too much of the right things on all this muscle I have developed in 1 week.

Hence the video about portion control. I know I have a problem with thinking that if I am hungry (or even somewhat hungry maybe really hungry in a couple of hours type of hungry and just am wanting to eat if I am honest kind of hungry) - you know what I mean. I can really overdo the almonds. I could eat 6 or 8 servings of fruit a day, and I do love my Quest protein bars. My home made yogurt is wonderful. I can overeat on the right things real easily because I want to feed my head and not my stomach.

The video about whole grains is good as well.

I hate when all my excuses and rationalizations are destroyed right in my face with facts. How about you?


  1. Portion control=Friend

    Never give up!

  2. So true and we have learned the hard way! Take care.

  3. yes, but if you are adding muscle...it's not just a mathematical premise of switching muscle for fat, and they both weigh the same. You are adding to your body. Sure, the fat will diminish eventually, but that doesn't mean it magically leaves in direct proportion (weight or time) as the muscle you are adding. Just devil's advocate and all. ;)

    1. That is a very good point. Where did you get the information? It seems to me that we could lose fat at a faster rate than we can build muscle. I will have to do a little research. Take care.