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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Evil Sugar

Good information here.

I have said before and need to reinforce this in my own life on a daily basis - nothing good comes from eating sugar - nothing.

We evidently think it won't be today that we have to suffer the consequences for things like eating too much sugar, smoking, drinking too much, inactivity and a host of other things. My dad did not take care of his diabetes and the last few years of his life were miserable. I watched him go from a man who loved to camp and fish to a man in a recliner who suffered with neck pain and without the ability to speak due to a stroke. He would have been on dialysis had he lived much longer. Each of my dad's "today's" was a reminder that he should have been proactive about his diabetes rather than eating as he pleased and then relying on insulin to take care of the blood sugar.

Each time we eat sugar, binge on it, or treat ourselves we are choosing to take the chances that my father took. If he were here today, he would tell us if it was worth it or not.


  1. Hi Myra, That's so sad! I knew a guy who lost his foot to diabetes. I also had a cousin who lost much of his vision due to diabetes. I am always concerned that excess weight will hurt my health, and my husband's.

    1. Excess weight WILL hurt our health. We can prevent the problems to a great extent rather than wait for the consequences and treat a condition like diabetes. It's all up to us. Take care.