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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Changing Price Tags

This is usually associated with shoplifting but as I read this in one of my daily readings I started thinking about how many of us want to apply this to losing weight. We want something for nothing; we want it to be easy. It has taken me a long, long time to accept the necessary lifestyle change. We cannot steal our goal weight. We cannot steal health. There is a cost we must be willing to pay.

I weighed 175 the last time I weighed - another half pound. Slow and steady works for me at this point. I have noticed that even when I eat outside the boundaries of hunger and fullness that I choose things like almonds and a square of dark chocolate or a hard boiled egg or an apple. In the past if I knew eating outside those boundaries was coming I would adopt the mindset that I might as well go ahead and have cookies for example because I had already decided it was going to be another fail. If I do engage in mindless eating which I rarely do I eat one of the things I mentioned above (not the cookies). There are no cookies in the house now. Last night was the spring dinner for Historic Centerville. The menu was fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes with gravy, dinner rolls, with cake for dessert. There were cheese balls and crackers for the appetizer. I had a double serving of green beans and a piece of chicken. That's all. I didn't act like a martyr. No one commented on what I ate. It's all good.

I also noticed the other day that I went to my morning aerobics class and hadn't eaten anything because I had eaten almonds late the night before and wasn't hungry. In the past I would have been in a panic because everybody knows that I could have fallen flat on my face from lack of food.  I used to eat so I wouldn't get hungry. For example, if it's going to be a long time before the next chance to eat I would go ahead and eat because who knows what could befall me if I had a growling stomach. I would have eaten before going to aerobics in the past because I needed my strength and all that. A growling stomach does not bother me like it used to for which I am very thankful.

I have had to give up the step and just stay on the floor because with this thyroid thing if I get too hot I don't cool down very well and then my heart starts beating too fast and then I am tired. The thyroid medication seems to make me somewhat less energetic as well.

Are you still trying to change the price tag or are you willing to pay the price for the item you want?


  1. I try to make the commitment a lifetime one. The older I get the harder it is, but it MUST be a lifestyle to effectuate permanent chage.

    1. You are wise to accept this JJ. We read about bloggers all the time who want their cake and eat it too. We know that's not how it works. The foods we have given up will only shorten our lives and make our remaining years less vibrant. Take care.

  2. Changing the price tag is a really good way to put it. True weight loss success is never on sale! Sticking to what I need to do to stay at goal weight is the only way I can afford to do it.
    I also have some issues with worrying about what will happen if I get too hungry, especially while away from home. (I believe I can thank the years of my mothers yo-yo dieting for this.) I deal with it by just carrying emergency food with me- almonds, an orange or banana, etc. At first I used it a lot. Now I rarely do.
    We all find our own way to stay within the perimeters of success if we really want to. It's all about learning to stop making excuses and do what it really takes.
    It sounds like even with some health issues you are willing to pay the price!

    1. I am finding that I am better off not taking that "just in case" food with me. If it's in the car with me it's on my mind and I want to eat it because I know it is there. If my stomach growls too much I stop and get some nuts or something. Be careful out there today.