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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Have Nothing To Add


  1. I would say...staged. The lawn is green throughout, without weeds, very thick and manicured. The mower looks like a cordless electric Sun Joe model. Her wheelchair looks like one of those that the scooter store offers, and they need your right arm to operate the control. So for this to not be staged, she would be mowing one handed using her left arm to steer the mower, and her right arm to operate the scooter. I know able bodied people whose yards are nothing more than weeds and dirt. So if it's not staged, I would pat her on the back and offer to do it for her.

  2. Hmmm... Something about this seems so familiar to the discrimination I already get. And at school too, mind you. As if I shouldn't dare show my fat ass at school and especially in a chair...puhlease!

    Marc, If it's not staged, I would cheer her on. I can only hope to be able and strong enough in a wheelchair this summer to accomplish some yard work. So sad some dumbass feels the need to exploit others. Who are we... Thanks for helping to point out the obvious.

    1. I thought when I saw that picture why would anyone let themselves get in that shape and then I thought maybe there is a truly good reason why she is in a scooter chair. Pictures like this bring out our prejudices on the one hand. They also inspire a defense of the subject on the other. The obese are the brunt of discrimination for sure. I had not thought it was staged at first but now am thinking it through again. Be well.