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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What's So Good About Wrong Choices?

Let's think of our wrong choices and how they have brought us to the right place.

Those of us who feel like we finally have a handle on this for the most part may be able to look back and see how the behaviors in the past have helped bring them to this point of being in control. There is often some discomfort necessary to make us finally see our way out and lay down behaviors that have caused us so much pain.

Remember the pain of discipline as a child? It is what shaped our behavior. It took some of us longer than others to get the point. I know my dad didn't have to discipline us much but we knew he would and we also remembered that it was something we didn't want repeated so we obeyed the rules (pretty much).

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  1. Well folks this got posted before I was done with it. My Master Gardener class started last night and I didn't check over it and add my last thoughts before I went to bed. I have to run the route today and the wind chill is below 0 and my first three ATM's are outside in the weather. I am going to jump start my long johns here in a bit. Anyway I hope you get my point - our wrong choices actually can help us see the light. Be careful out there today.