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Monday, January 28, 2013


When I am on top of my game and getting my exercise done as well as staying within the low-carb boundaries and drinking my water I feel like this cat. I just see myself in a better light. The good things I do trump the negative feelings I have about the flab, the brown spots on my skin, and the wrinkles around my mouth.  If I am not doing all the right things the flab, brown spots, wrinkles bother me a lot more.

I question a compliment a lot more when I am off plan; I want to contradict the person complimenting me. If I am on plan, I am cheered by kind words. I agree with them.

werk owt


  1. As I think about it, it's the same with me! I'm determined to stay "on plan" (as you put it) while out of town for a few days. I got up early to do my 30 minute walk - or werk owt - just to be sure I was "on plan" with THAT part today.

    Keep up you great "werk", Myra!

    1. Congratulations on being in control and keeping up new habits. It is so rewarding when we don't let things get in the way. Take care.

  2. Replies
    1. We need to be our own best friend when it comes to our health. Be careful out there today.