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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


An unrestricted satisfaction of every need presents itself as the most enticing method of conducting one's life, but it means putting enjoyment before caution, and soon brings its own punishment.  --Sigmund Freud

Have you ever studied Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs?  Read about it here.

Basically Maslow said that the lower levels of needs must be satisfied before one can successfully move on to the higher levels of needs. Food, water, and shelter are basic needs. These needs can be satisfied without unrestricted satisfaction or a focus that is outside of normal. When we oversatisfy a need, it brings its own punishment that we could call idolatry, addiction, or compulsion perhaps.

For example, someone who is starving is not too concerned about getting an education because a basic need is not being filled. As I read the article it seems the bottom step has been expanded to include sex. I always liked Freud. His theories do make sense. He does seem to relate every problem or motivation we have to sex which could be argued I suppose. I look around and see people ruining their lives and the lives of the children they produce over promiscuity. Sex sells. TV commercials use the young and sexy to market products. Movies, sit coms, etc., treat sex like having a glass of water.


  1. I think that our society has equated sex with love. And somewhere in that mix the marketing people figured out how to profit on that one. If you are sexY you can get a partner and be loveD. I think that the core need is actually love and Hollywood has just figured out more and more ways to cash in on it. At the same time, they have to destroy the self-esteem of the average teenage girl, young woman, and even some older women buy this scam that if you aren't pretty enough, sexy enough, etc. a man isn't going to love you. You have to BUY all of the right products in order to be loved. What did we do before Coco Chanel, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and now a bevy of movie stars to light the way to show us what "perfection" looks like so that we can be loved?

    Oh, and they are also the role models of how to "land" a man. Thank you Reality TV and programs like Jersey Shore to light the way for our young people. They are all watching you to find out what men are looking for in a woman, and men are watching to see how women want to be treated. You are doing the world a huge disservice. Thanks ever so much. We know you are selling sex, but our young people are navigating the world and trying to understand actual relationships and "love" and they are looking at YOU.

    Thanks to Reality TV, other TV, commercials on TV, magazine articles, magazine ads, internet crap, it all adds up to one big LIE. Sex = Love. Your marketing campaign worked but you lost the world. I call that an Epic Fail.

    1. You are right. The old-fashioned among us (that would be me for one) think that sex is an expression of love between a married couple. Today it is part of a date. Our children are bombarded with sex beginning at a very young age. It saddens me. Take care.