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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Areas Needing Improvement

Deb has a pretty neat idea here. It is one that I need to do as well. I am not going to call these things resolutions but rather areas that need improvement as they are ongoing. It's not like a complete about face like calling them a resolution would seem to imply. She lists 13 things to accomplish in 2013. Why don't you make a list as well and tell us what your list includes?

Here are my 13 areas in need of improvement. They are in no particular order.

1.  I need to manage money better. I waste so much more than I should. I do give and save out of each paycheck but with the rest I will make a greater effort to be more careful. For instance, I bought three bottles of an herbal thyroid treatment because there was a better price for doing so. It didn't work; in fact, my heart beats hard and fast when I take it. Now I have three bottles of it to throw away rather than one. I love to buy food and I like to cook and since I don't know when to stop at pretty much everything I throw out way too much food.

2.  I will make a greater effort to exercise at home when I can't make it to a class. This is hard because we have a small house and it's hard to exercise here. I could do it though if I wanted to badly enough.

3.  One of Deb's goals was to stop purchasing cleaning products. My goal is to start using them. I hate housework. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. Deb wants to use more household products to make her own cleaning products. I just need to start using any cleaning product. My goal is to clean house on Wednesdays.

4.  Reach my goal weight of 157 pounds.

5. Maintain my goal weight of 157 pounds.

6. Spend more time in prayer and Bible study.

7. I will stop missing Church/SS as often as I do.

8.  I will send a card or two each week to someone who is on our prayer list. I will also donate more of the things that the Church is in need of.

9.  I will spend some time outside each day weather permitting. Just because it is cold and winter doesn't mean I can't take a walk or clean off some flower bed or straighten the greenhouse a bit.

10. I will do a better job as secretary of Historic Centerville and treasurer of Promote Centerville.

11.  I will finish the many partially done quilts in my sewing room. This will take more than one year.

12. I will write a Kindle ebook of daily readings.

13. I will be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend.


  1. Wow, Myra! I see the determination and drive just oozing out of you! Keep aiming high. When I used to speak on time management and planning, I used to repeat someone's quote: "It's better t aim for a mountain and hit a star than to aim at a mud puddle and hit it every time." No mud puddles for US, huh?!?

    1. There is also something that goes "Our goals/reach? should exceed our grasp or what is heaven for?" I may not have that right but the "aim high" theme is there. I tend to be a dreamer and have a tendency to over commit but I guess that's better than being a slug in a mud puddle. Ever forward, ever onward. Let's accomplish great things this year! Take care.

  2. I like 8 & 9,:) . The little things that some how get overlooked but have such a big impact on our life. Great list altogether!

    1. Yes. I could be getting a little done on a daily basis in so many areas that I pass by but know I should be working on. I am a work in progress for sure. Take care.

  3. I will think of you as I trudge around in the mist outside because I too need to work on my yard. At least it is in better shape than last year. A little better every year is what I am shooting for!

    1. I have so much to work on. I don't know if I've told you we have been on two garden tours or not but that should give you some idea of what I have to work with. Take care.