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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Are We Wiser?

Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning, but a going on with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.   - Hal Borland

This is from the "For Today" daily readings of OA.

Whether it is the beginning of a new year or a new month, week or day, it's tempting to make resolutions, to swear off, to promise to reform. Before OA I did not know that these pledges were misguided attempts to be in control, to try yet again to make a normal eater out of myself.

Let's not just change the date on our 2012 resolutions.  Whatever last year produced or did not produce we have that experience and should be wiser now; ready to use what we learned and not repeat mistakes.

This is a lifestyle change, not a temporary interruption of our normal way of doing things. We can't be successful by getting the weight off as fast as possible and then figure out how to keep it off once we get there. We will just be the same person in a smaller body and that person is someone we know all too well. We know how quickly that person will revert to old habits and rationalizations. Those of us who have backslid know how hard it is to get back on track after failing yet again to change like we needed to change. It is a cycle and it seems we have to hit bottom before we can start back up again. We know what we are doing yet we keep on doing it because there is something deep within that has to be completely spent before it is done with us.

This is my philosophy and it is one that has been years, tears, and fears in the making. It doesn't have to be a complete turnaround all at once; it's too much all at once. Something in us will want something that is familiar and will fight to get there.

Now to be redundant - STOP EATING SUGAR, STOP EATING SUGAR, STOP EATING SUGAR. Nothing, and I do mean nothing, good comes from eating sugar - nothing. If you will do that and start drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, 10 would be even better, things will start to change for you.

People place a lot of emphasis on exercise and it is a good thing for sure but you can lose weight without a formal exercise program/schedule. I exercise because I enjoy it and the way it makes me feel. When I am exercising I am not sitting on my butt for that same hour. I am socializing too. As I age I want to be able to climb a flight of stairs and not be winded. I want to be able to open a jar. We all know the benefits of exercise but don't beat yourself up over it. Many start the new year thinking they must all of a sudden exercise 6 or 7 days a week for an hour or two. They burn themselves out or injure themselves. If you want to exercise and I hope you do, start with 3 days a week and then add an day after a month and then another day if you feel like it. Weights are an important thing - even better than aerobics - weights lifted at the right pace and for long enough will also have aerobic benefits. Weight lifting doesn't take much room and can be done at home. Find some YouTube videos to watch. Do it while watching the news or a movie. Correct form is critical for lifting weights. Make sure you hold your abs tight so as to support your back. Educate yourself on lifting weights correctly or you can hurt yourself. Lifting weights is better than the machines at the gym because of the counter-balancing that must be done during the lift. Machines don't make counter-balancing necessary and don't prepare muscles as well for everyday activities such as lifting, holding, and carrying.

After you get the refined sugar out of your system start cutting back on other carbs. I haven't had a slice of bread in I can't remember when. If I am out and have to buy something to eat I go to Arby's, get a plain roast beef sandwich, and either throw away the top bun or just eat the meat and throw away the entire bun. I don't ever eat potatoes unless they are sweet potatoes. I never eat pasta. I have very little dairy.  There is this Deluxe Nut Mix that convenience stores and truck stops carry that has no peanuts, just tree nuts, in it, and it is great. They are salted but otherwise excellent. I have those a lot when on my ATM service calls and routes. I always take an apple with me, a protein food bar, and some of my home made trail mix but I sometimes run out of things when I get more service calls while I am already on another call. I always take water or stop and buy it.

I weighed 178.5 this morning. I was pretty happy really. I am still in the same digit and am ready to finish this up at a rate of 5 lb. per month. I am only going to weigh once a month because weighing is still an emotional thing for me so why put myself through it? I have decided on 157 as my goal weight. That was what I weighed when I got married so it's a pretty good number, realistic, and low enough so that everybody will caution me about getting too skinny. :-)

I have salad made, chicken vegetable soup made, and have my protein bars on hand as well as my trail mix and some fruit. Nothing can get in the way but me.

Yesterday was challenging. My mother's sister died They took her off the respirator and she couldn't breath on her own. Out of the six girls, now there is Mom and one sister left so we don't want her to be alone for a while. She is 86 and is in good shape all things considered. She has always done some simple exercises on her own. She is the third oldest of the 6 girls and all the younger ones have gone before her and one older sister so exercising has served her well. She still drives and lives alone. The sister "Aunt Tootsie" whose name was Colletta was 82; the youngest of the girls died this summer. Nathan, the son that is in the Army, was in a wreck yesterday. No one was hurt but he thinks his truck is a total loss. Slick roads and someone slid into him. It was a 1999 Silverado he bought new. He has always taken care of it so it was still in good shape. We are the kind of people who don't get rid of a car until it has to be dragged to the recycling center. My Pontiac Bonneville had 318,000 miles on it when it croaked. 

Keep calm and carry on.


  1. Agree with no sugar, bread, and lots of water. What's in your trail mix?

    1. It's good to hear from you Jo. I have been thinking about you and hoping the healing has begun. My trail mix is something I get at the Amish grocery store and has all kind of seeds and nuts in it and some raisins. I add a mini-dark chocolate chip that they sell and it is great. I have been known to add more raw almonds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, etc. You can make your own from scratch - there are many kinds of seeds and nuts to make it with. The raisins and the dark chocolate do add some carbs but make it a real treat. Dried fruits would work but again - carbs. If you would stick with just seeds and nuts you would have a low carb snack that is easy to grab. I get those little zip-loc sandwich bags and put 1/2 cup of the mix in it and add a small plastic spoon and it is so easy to grab on the way to a service call or when I do the route. Take care.

  2. Thanks-trying to figure out my new normal. There is an Amish store near. Good place to at least get some ingredients.