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Monday, December 24, 2012

Your Own Valuation

From December 22 - Around The Year With Emmet Fox

The world will take you at your own valuation. Your body will take you at your own valuation. Your business will take you at your own valuation; for the value that you really put upon yourself is the one that manifests.

Emmet Fox uses the word "manifest" a lot. He maintains that thoughts are things, they create vibrations, and what "manifests" in our lives is the result of our thoughts and beliefs. It's hard to argue with that.

When we manifest obesity, Emmet Fox would tell us that that is the value we place on ourselves. We are obese because we think and believe ourselves obese. This is what the world sees and takes us at our word so to speak. The successful business people I see usually look fit and trim.

When we start manifesting health and wellness through eating and exercise habits the body has to respond and take us at our word which manifests out of thought. Our thought life is important.

- and what you really believe, that you will demonstrate.

What will we manifest in 2013?

This is from another of Emmet Fox's books - The Beatitudes

If you want material prosperity, you must first think prosperity thoughts and then make a habit of doing so, for the thing that keeps most people poor is the sheer habit of poverty thinking. If you want congenial companionship, if you want to be loved,  you must first think thoughts of love and good will. Like begets like, another way of stating the Great Law, which means that as a man soweth in his unseen thoughts, so shall he reap in that which is seen. "All things work together for good to those who love good", and to love good means to occupy oneself with thoughts of good.

Again, what will we manifest in 2013?


  1. I want to manifest healthy prosperity! The material kind would be nice, but not necessary for my happiness. Health is though. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas Myra:)

    1. Merry Christmas to you and yours as well. Health, family, love, and so much more far outweigh prosperity for me as well. "We never have all that we want; but we always have more than we need." Take care.

  2. Emmet Fox is a gem!
    I can completely confer on the 'thoughts as things' idea. So many people I knew from growing up did nothing but continue on in the same paths of poverty and lazy thinking that their parents showed them.
    I purposely choose to do the opposite of what I learned from my family. I love what prosperity allows me to do for others and show to others what can be achieved if it is desired. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it has been to be able to reach out to people who never knew someone cared about who they are as a person and be able to be ridiculously generous at times. It is so much fun! It certainly does much for my mental health- more than any therapist ever could!
    I too share your feelings about overall health and hope that we all are healthier this year than last!

    1. It seems like the more I give the more I have. I am working on my thought life. It matters. Take care.