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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Our December 31 Post and more

The Best of the Best

I think this is a good idea for our last post of the year. Why not pick out what you feel were your best efforts of the past year. Since all of us are such great bloggers - how about our 5 best (in our humble opinion)?

On to a more serious topic. 

The violence in our society has just been demonstrated once again. Liberals are already on their gun control rant. I understand that people have no use for repeating weapons but taking guns away from good people is not the way to solve this. Criminals will still have them. People must be able to defend themselves with the same level of force being using against them.

Would it be wiser to address violence and why people grow up learning to use weapons to solve problems? I would be quicker to blame Hollywood and video games than assault weapons. We are becoming a blood thirsty nation and people who watch violence and allow their kids to watch violence and saying it doesn't affect them are fools. At the very least, it desensitizes us. It doesn't even bother us to see the torture and killing. Shouldn't it bother us? We applaud Bruce Willis, Clint Eastwood, and Sylvester Stallone because they are the good guys and blood all over the place is OK if your cause is the right one. So kids watching this who are wronged at school or at the ballgame feel justified in using deadly force? If there was not a market for violence, it wouldn't be produced.

I just stopped following a blogger whose last post was on masturbation. He had practically nude women in the post. He would probably argue that it was art. He is a college professor. Does this not objectify, degrade, and demean women? Does this contribute to violence against women? Personal responsibility needs revisited. While he has every right to do this, should he? There are people with weak minds who have access to that. There are kids who are getting the wrong impression of women through posts like this.

None of us lives in a vacuum. What we do has ripple effects. Boundaries for behavior are a good thing. We need to set those boundaries ourselves. These can be the boundaries we set for eating, for expressing anger, for what we watch and listen to. If you have kids, be the parent and set the boundaries. They are young and can't separate what they see and hear from reality yet - that's what parents are for.

I grieve for the parents who have lost their child. I was thinking last night that many of them probably had the Christmas presents bought for a child they no longer have. I am a realist. It will happen again. Why? It's  not because of assault weapons.


  1. Myra, I agree with your "bottom line" here....

    I also read your previous post and congratulate you on grabbing hold and sticking to your resolve. I'm sorry to hear about the thyroid flare-up and hope to hear soon that all is back under control.

    As for the "best" posts.....What a great idea! I will watch and read from the sidelines, I think. My posts on "Power....Self-Control" are generally quickies - written to keep me on task. (My "philosophizing" generally happens on another blog.)

    1. My thyroid must bounce around I guess. I think I will look back through my posts and see which ones got the most comments and discussion going. Those are the ones that resonated with my followers. Those who wanted to participate could start now and just date their post for December 31 so it wouldn't be such a big job all at once especially for those that post about every day or some even more than once a day. Be careful out there today.

  2. I will give the "best" posts a thought. As for the tragedy, our culture of glorifying violence is indeed a prime cause for this horror.

    1. I just learned that the shooter used a rifle. The liberals are dancing in the blood of those kids by politicizing it immediately and using it to justify laws about assault weapons. Take care.