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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Games We Play

I wonder how many times I have played this mind game. Too many to count.

Notice how we used to make it virtuous in our minds to eat all the junk so it wouldn't be there to tempt us. We threw it in our bodies rather than in the trash where it belonged. I can see now that I was just trying to feel OK about the overeating.

Food does not have to be eaten just because it is there.

How much produce have we thrown out? I have thrown out more slimy lettuce, mushy peppers, carrots with growth on them, and celery that was limp than I have eaten. How about you?

Why are we horrified at the thought of throwing out some candy or other junk? That just wouldn't be right.

I have one last Christmas dinner this evening at  my cousin's house. It's a great time but my New Year starts in the morning as we don't celebrate New Year's. We don't even stay up long enough to ring in the new year. We are such geezers. I will weigh on New Year's Day however and get started on these last 20 pounds or so.  I am not going to see how much I can eat until then or eat all the junk in the house so it won't be there to tempt me but I will be paying more attention to doing what has to be done

Be careful out there today.


  1. Replies
    1. Geezers are the best. We have to have our sleep and we don't like our schedules interrupted! Happy New Year!

  2. so true... nearly half of my produce goes to waste. It does bother me, but the thought of throwing away the christmas cookies is a much more vehement reaction.

    1. We should have the emotional attachment to vegetables that we have to sweets don't you think? I wish my parents had rewarded me with a salad instead of ice cream. Take care.