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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Breaking Laws

***"We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions." Ronald Reagan

This statement can be applied to so many areas of our lives and the state of our nation.

It can be as common as the child who is not held accountable and made to bear the consequences of bad behavior or as big as a nation that cannot buckle down and correct poor spending habits. It can be as controversial as the criminal whose past is scrutinized and then behavior excused based on that. Which is the better way to go? Excusing criminal behavior because of extenuating circumstances knowing that we cannot make everything "fair" in the grand scheme of things or setting boundaries for behavior that are uniformly applied so that people know what the consequences will be. We have adults among us who could have been better shaped as children had there been intervention at a younger age. What really burns me is the amount of money wasted and given away to countries that hate us and then we don't have the resources for programs that could save some of our youth from lives of crime. We can get into the war debate but war is as old as mankind. Do a google search on the amount of pork in the stimulus bill or the pork in this latest bill to help the victims of Sandy and it will make you sick. The kicker is that the people who are willing to make the tough decisions to correct the financial mess we are in are either voted out of office, not elected in the first place, or demonized.  Conservatives are the party that represents cutting back, restructuring, and changing social programs. Americans will have none of that. Go to YouTube and watch the Obamaphone lady rant. Democrats will have their permanent majority soon. They are very good at understanding human behavior and capitalizing on that. Give people things and you will get their vote. Be careful what you wish for.

Anyway - we can go ahead and eat the Christmas candy as long as we are willing to accept the consequences. Have the cookies and pie as long as the blood sugar spike is no surprise. Gain the 10 lbs. or more over the holidays but don't whine about it and lament that others can eat that stuff without gaining weight. We have a right to eat that stuff too don't we? The holiday will be ruined without eating until we have to get horizontal  to get comfortable.  We will feel left out if we don't get in line for the second helping.

There are also consequences for good food choices, wise choices for spending money, and deciding what our holidays will leave us with. We are accountable either way.  

There is a law concerning calories in/calories out. There is a law about BMR/muscle. There is the law about insulin/weight gain. There is a law about hydration. 

What laws are we willing to obey and what laws do we break and try to get away with it? If the scale catches us in the act, how do we accept the consequences?

"Food" for thought.

Be careful out there today.


  1. I am so tired, Myra. Yes. Yes. Yes. You are right about it all. But convincing people of any of it is so much WORK. They have been getting a free lunch for so long now, and living in an economics bubble (I mean this quite literally) for so long now that is giving "inaccurate" returns, that there is an expectation that it will always be so. When you try to explain that it is a bubble, and it will pop, and that there really is no such thing as a free lunch, people no longer believe you. It has been "the norm" for too long now. When this bubble pops, things will be ugly.

    All of those free lunches are going to add up at once. It will be so expensive that it will be FIERCE. And what was once a small bubble is nbw the size of Texas. I can't imagine how that will feel. That is really going to hurt when you come down off that high. For those who are unprepared, that free fall is going to SMART. And then the Blame Game will begin.

    Now that will be fun... George W. Bush better run and hide, since everything is always his fault. Always. So long as a Democrat is in office, GWB will be always the man to blame. But, this time if you really want to get your facts straight, the man to really blame is Bill Clinton. Yep. He would be the one. He started this fumble. So, if you want to start pointing fingers... point it there FIRST. The Republicans actually tried to slow down this disaster each time they got elected, but each time the Dems were in control of anything (be it the Oval or Congress), the problem skyrocketed again. So, there you have it.

    I found it interesting that you called this one Breaking Laws... we are about to find out what the Restoration of a Law feels like.... that would be Gravity. When a whole bunch of people come back to Earth... Hard.

    1. There are about as many people in the wagon as are pulling the wagon and the tide is tipping toward the people in the wagon. About half of Americans are carrying the tax burden for all of them --and the rich don't pay their fair share? It's the bottom half that's not paying their fair share. We don't need more taxes, we need more taxpayers and that means jobs and of course people willing to work. Take care.

  2. You two fine ladies are some of the very few people who seem to get it and are willing to tell the ugly truth without trying to be popular or sugar coat it.
    I'm here with you. I get it. I feel overwhelmed by trying to get the word out and yet I also feel like the only way out is to keep telling it. Somehow, some way people have to get it or America will die for all of us.
    I'm not ready to give up. I will do my part.

    1. I think about just dropping out of the whole political arena because it just seems a lost cause to me at times but I care too much and will not give up right along with you. Take care.