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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Yet Another Thought

I know I said I was going on a Quilt Retreat and wouldn't be blogging for a while but after I published my first post today I had a light bulb moment on my way to the shower. This is now the third post today - my all-time high I might add.

I wondered about those of you who have been pointed out on someone else's blog. How did it feel? Were you "called out" as we say or were you commended or did someone chew you out?

I'll start. I have been mentioned on one blog two or three different times. I do remember two of them. Same blogger - gotta love him :-) Once was for a religious topic which I understand - that is a hot button issue. He doesn't seem to hold grudges. Neither do I. The other time he noticed my comment on another person's blog and there was a link to me and his evaluation of what I said. I cannot remember the blogger but she was kind of wishy washy and messing around by her own admission so I commented and asked her why she just didn't stay fat. Many people are fat so why put yourself through all this if your heart isn't in it? Those weren't my exact words but something to that effect. I was at the beginning of losing weight and I don't think he thought I had any room to talk. Probably didn't.

Anyway - what about you? If you were criticized was it done in a tactful way? If you were called out, did you deserve it?

I think this is my last post until after the Quilt Retreat (really).

Be careful out there today.

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