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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

This Is Ironic

She's more than a number on a scale.

I agree with a lot of what she says but thought it was a little humorous when she made that comment since one of the local favorites has said that. That statement is also used to excuse poor choices.

She made a comment about setting examples. hmmmm

There is a local woman on a news channel that is quite chubby and I have noticed it as I am sure many others have. She talks like she needs her adenoids removed. I wonder if I would notice that if she wasn't overweight.

I have to keep a tight reign on my judgmental brain. How about you? They are both doing their jobs and seem to be very nice people. Their weight is their problem, not mine.

The next time I say I won't be blogging for a while because I am going on a quilt retreat would somebody please call me out on that?  :-)

Be careful out there today. I really am leaving for a quilt retreat tomorrow.


  1. My opinion is that if she is really, truly "just fine" with her weight, appearance, life, etc. she wouldn't have dignified the e-mail with a response. The fact that "the lady doth protest too much" and feels the need to publicize the criticism (which I feel has some validity, honestly) and ramble on about how she is more than her physical body and she's a multi-faceted human being with great friends and blah blah blah indicates to me that she is *not* okay with her obesity and feels the need to make a detailed defense and garner "inspiration" and "support" from others in the same boat...just like the trainwreck bloggers.

  2. I have such mixed feelings about this, I don't even know where to start. I've been there - I've been mocked and talked about and hurt more times than I can count when I was overweight. And it is probably the reason that I am very anxious and nervous in social situations even now. No one should have the right to make me feel like that, especially someone who doesn't know me. No one has the right to make hurtful comments that have no value to the weight struggle I have. Yes, she's overweight and that is something that can be changed - but why do all news anchors fit into the same mold? I get treated so differently now it constantly makes me sad. Like I said, I have mixed emotions about this, haha :)

    1. Me too. I tend to be more soft hearted because I still remember the experiences that you remember. Then again, I wonder if that rejection and embarrassment was/is part of the reason I don't ever want to be like that again? Being held to a higher standard than we would pick for ourselves could be a blessing in disguise. People like Norma and Al who cannot abide the insincere and immature help me stay on track. I try to understand those who struggle apart from those who rationalize and refuse to get serious - but then I know I was not serious at one time although I really wanted to lose the weight. I just didn't want it enough. I just wasn't uncomfortable enough yet. I am torn, like you, as to whether the need is for sympathy/encouragement because I have needed that at times or whether the need is for confrontation/conviction because I have needed that as well. It's hard. Be careful out there today.

    2. If I am open (ie: BLOGGING!) about weight loss, and I turn into the wrecks that we see around here, I get it. Kick my ass, call me out, get me back on track. But if I'm living my own life and not professing the word that I am trying to lose weight, I don't think someone has a right to call you up on the phone and tell you what a fat tub of lard you are. It's just like trying to tell someone they can't smoke, or can't drink, or can't do whatever they want. You don't see people sending emails telling another person they are a low class loser because they smoke, or because they wear glasses on TV, you know? I just think that if you invite the critcism in (ie: you publicize your desire to lose weight) then you should be held accountable. If I'm doing my job and you think you have the right to email me and call me fat - yeah you don't.
      Haha. I could ramble forever.

    3. Good point. That news anchor did not give any indication she was on a diet, or trying to lose weight, or whatever and has the right to live her life without the self-righteous trying to make her feel guilty about her weight. Like she said, she knew she was overweight and didn't need that brought to her attention. Enjoy our interchanges Rae Rae! Take care.