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Monday, October 15, 2012

15 Diet Foods That Make You Fat

15 Diet Foods That Make You Fat

Sugar Tsunami

I have been pretty busy lately with Mom's illness and other commitments so haven't been spending as much time composing. I also have another quilt retreat Thursday - Saturday.  Things should slow down next week. Take care.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

- and the crowd goes wild :-)

I am now in the next digit (watch out Leigh and Rae Rae - here I come :-)

I think I have gotten myself into a mild state of ketosis.

Ketogenic Diets

I can tell because I have a slightly bad taste in my mouth which is what happened with Atkins when I tried it a few years ago. I was also tired and my breath could have peeled wallpaper. It has been very gradual as I do not go as extreme as Atkins does at the beginning.

This article does state that the body does adapt to burning fat for fuel. I guess I just don't see the need to be so uncomfortable getting there. We WANT to burn fat for fuel. That is why I sing the praises of low carb.

I was having trouble viewing my blog this morning - I kept getting the message that "no site was configured at this address" - I could view my comments and stats but not my blog. Any suggestions?

My mother was taken to the hospital Friday night. We think it was a TIA. This will be her second one. A family member called her and noticed her speech wasn't right and asked if she needed help. She said she did but couldn't think of the number to call so an ambulance was sent. Her speech has gradually improved and she doesn't stumble over words like she was Friday evening in the emergency room. She is having a carotid ultrasound tomorrow. The four of us kids have decided she should not live alone anymore. We just buried her sister. She has lost three of her sisters now and there is Mom and two more sisters left. Seems like we have several fellow bloggers with health concerns in the family. It is a source of comfort knowing that people we have never met personally are always ready with support and encouragement regardless of the situation.

Have a blessed Sunday.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

When Is The Meal Over?

From jensgyrations.blogspot.com

When we are punishing ourselves because we haven't been perfect we must eat and eat and eat until we have suffered enough. I remember doing that.

One who lives with rejection at home, at school, and elsewhere comes to believe that he/she falls far short. What do we have to do to feel like we are good enough?

My cue to stop eating used to be when it was gone. My cue to start eating was "it's time to eat". When on a binge, I had eaten until I was spent.  Things have changed.

I have always had trouble stopping and leaving food. I just use a smaller plate and smaller portions and a better quality of food. I still eat it all. I know about the right amount. I am able to wait more and more often for my stomach to growl but am not there yet on waiting every time to growl.

Gwen Shamblin of Weigh Down Workshop states that overeaters are often controllers and we must give up control of our food schedule when we wait for the growl. We don't know when we will growl so eating can become intermittent. We can manage things so that a growl comes around at about meal time if we would like to eat with the family. We can bypass a growl and continue to wait but she doesn't recommend doing that too much. If the stomach has growled, we are truly empty. It is easy to eat too fast and too much if we haven't gotten ourselves in control. Hunger is so threatening isn't it? I have often wondered why it bothers me so much to be hungry. Is it fatal? Will the food disappear? Food is everywhere. I heard of one person whose attitude if missing meal was, "I'll be eating in about 4 hours." I would have been a wreck in the past, how about you?

Gwen's point is that if we haven't waited for true hunger (the growl) how do we know where full is? I know some people just eat on a schedule and if the total calorie count is known then that works for them. I would think that a person counting calories (say 1200 - 1500) per day would be hungry at each meal. She also says we should eat exactly what we want. Most people would be afraid of actually going berserk with that kind of freedom. She did a video for one of her classes where she made chocolate the topic. At breakfast on her plate she had M & M's, Snickers bars, and other chocolates. She showed the same kind of thing at lunch and dinner. It did look kind of sickening.  Her point was that our bodies will yearn for healthy things, for what it needs. She also said we must eat slowly and stop at the first sign of comfortable fullness. I have to say that I was never able to do this. I don't set boundaries very well. I will say that now I truly want the good stuff. I prefer salads, apples, lean meats, nuts, my muffins, etc. I have eliminated sugar and most carbs. I could probably do it now because regardless I don't eat these things anymore. If I would binge (which I won't) it would be on something like almonds or those green seedless grapes. I don't crave those things so I can stop. Now that I don't crave carbs, I eat when I am hungry but don't make it to the growl each time.

I think that is why the approach should be different. The first thing I did was cut out sugar. I have always been one to exercise but that became more of a priority. I made it a point to get in at least 8 glasses of water per day. I counted carbs for a while but as soon as I got the hang of it I didn't bother with it anymore. I was losing weight without journaling, w/o counting calories or carbs or points, exercising, and drinking the water. I also made it a point to gradually eliminate other carbs such as breads, cereals, and other starchy carbs. I have now eliminated most dairy. If we have made the decision what NOT to eat what's left is truly enjoyable and we can eat until we are full - truly one of the benefits for me. Have you ever finished your meal and were still hungry?

How do you determine when it is time to eat?

Friday, October 12, 2012


Look at what we are capable of doing. One of my biggest regrets is not challenging myself physically while still young. I know it's never too late to start but these two girls have put in hours of practice and are probably still in school. Another thing - they started young before they knew that they couldn't do this so they went ahead and did it. Why do we have to watch kids around a swimming pool? They don't know they can't swim, they will just jump in.

A big part of our struggles to lose weight is the knowledge that we can fail and have done it many times in some cases. Each time we fail it leaves a memory; it makes the next failure a little easier and soon we have created a pattern. Let's begin to act "as if". You fill in the next few words.

I have spent much of my life taking the path of least resistance. I have been mediocre when I could have been great. I have been guilty of doing as little as possible and dragging my feet.

What if we put this level of commitment to excellence in everything we do? Can all of us find something at which we be excellent? Sure we can. It is an attitude.

These two girls had to first have the attitude that they were capable of doing something like this. They may not have considered getting to this level at the beginning and I am sure that they crashed and burned many times. They did not say it was too hard and give up. I wonder how many sprained wrists and ankles they have had or bruises. They have probably been practicing while others their age were sitting on the couch with their video games or watching a movie.

They chose to be excellent. All of us can be excellent each day. We owe it to ourselves to have an attitude that creates the foundation for excellence.

Yesterday I was considering skipping body sculpt but then I saw Rae Rae J and decided if she can do this so can I. We have to exercise whether we want to or not, eat right whether we feel like it or not, drink water when we would rather have something else and do this CONSISTENTLY. This is not a day or two here and a day or two there sort of thing. It takes the attitude of wanting to get healthy and strong and this attitude must carry us through the tough days and the tough situations. We don't want to trade our success for cake.

How's your attitude these days?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Let's Move On

I have been reading on some blogs about finding out why we have become obese so we can move on. I say move on anyway.

Regardless of whether we know the why's and wherefore's we must still do the same things to lose weight.

Let's move on and be healthy while we are figuring out the why. I really think we already know why but some find comfort in using that as an excuse to spin their wheels.

As the weight comes off, we will be more secure in the new life we are creating and will just want to accept the past because we cannot change it and move on. It is what it is.

Here's a great song about "Movin' On". This is my kind of music. Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Labels, Ours or Theirs

Lisa said this over at Allan's:

I don't think she really wants to lose anything. I think she wants to be KNOWN for wanting to lose weight. 

I thought that was pretty perceptive. Most of us probably know the blogger who was the topic of conversation. It really isn't important. We need to spend our time on the living.

Have you ever known anyone who lived up to a label? How much of our labels do we create ourselves?

Contributed By: Kim Davis, Educational Consultant 

“Labeling is a process of creating descriptors to identify persons who differ from the norm. Normal is a broad relative term. Everyone is different in some way from someone else” (Darrow and White).
“Labeling is definitive; once we say it then it holds meaning” (Namka).

How many labels do we use in a day without conscious thought? The student, the teacher, the therapist, or the principal are labels that conjure up images of who those people may be, what they look like and how they might act. What are the labels that might be applied to us? Would we like them? Do the labels describe every aspect of who we are? Are we more reluctant to claim some labels and not others? How do we feel when we are labeled and categorized?

The above is from the field of education, special education in particular.

This is a true story. A teacher was given her class list before school started and was told which children were highly intelligent. These children actually were not. They were average and somewhat below average. It was found these children achieved far above their supposed ability level because the teacher treated them differently. Why? She thought they were highly intelligent so she treated them as if they were highly intelligent and they lived up to her expectations. This also works in reverse sadly.

Another true story.
The long-term consequences of labeling a child like Hannah "smart" or "slow" are profound. In another classic study, Robert Rosenthal and Lenore Jacobson told teachers at an elementary school that some of their students had scored in the top 20% of a test designed to identify "academic bloomers"--students who were expected to enter a period of intense intellectual development over the following year. In fact, the students were selected randomly, and they performed no differently from their unselected peers on a genuine academic test. A year after convincing the teachers that some of their students were due to bloom, Rosenthal and Jacobson returned to the school and administered the same test. The results were astonishing among the younger children: the "bloomers," who were no different from their peers a year ago, now outperformed their unselected peers by 10-15 IQ points. The teachers fostered the intellectual development of the "bloomers," producing a self-fulfilling prophecy in which the students who were baselessly expected to bloom actually outperformed their peers.

We should not treat people as they are but as we expect them to be.

Have you ever had a label that you lived up to? My maiden name was Elsrod - Elsie the Cow was my nickname, my label. I lived up to it. The label made things worse. If you have children, do not tolerate name-calling please.

We are all trying to create a new label for ourselves. One that we can live up to. The ones we create ourselves are the best ones. Labels from others are even better. Think how we feel when someone comments with something thoughtful, encouraging, or gives us a compliment. Do we sometimes feel we don't deserve it? Sometimes it is a little intimidating because it can make us feel like the bar has been raised a little. Others admire us for what we write. They tell us about a good post. We want to be worthy of their words.

Great labels make for great people.

Take care.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Quilt Retreat

We left Thursday at 9 a.m. I had my usual Raisin Bran muffin for breakfast.  There are always refreshments at my Quilt Club meeting which we went to at 9:30 a.m. before hitting the road for a 3.5-hour drive to Archbold, Ohio where the Quilt Retreat was being held at Sauder Village. There were a few sweets and some fruit. I had one slice of a Mutzu apple (very good) and a sprig of green grapes. After our meeting many were going to a salad luncheon at a local church but Carol and I decided to get going and stop and eat on the way. We stopped at a Mexican Grill where I had a taco salad (no tortilla bowl). I did have a few chips and salsa there. I drank water. We arrived at our hotel and walked to a restaurant that was close for dinner. I had a piece of grilled cod, a small dinner salad, and a broccoli/cauliflower vegetable mix. I picked out the croutons on the salad and had water to drink. There were these huge yeast rolls brought to our table at dinner. It wasn't even a temptation but they were beautiful. Carol ate one of them and the other was left alone.

Friday. There was a continental breakfast included with  our hotel room. I put one of my Quest Nutrition Bars in my purse as a back-up just in case it was just sweet rolls and muffins which continental breakfasts often are. The area we visited first just had a crock-pot full of bread pudding (NO), bread for toasting and waffles to toast (NO), coffee cake/cookies/sweet rolls (NO). We walked around a corner and there were some cereals to choose from, and yogurts and fruits on ice. Better. I figured since I usually had a Raisin Bran muffin for breakfast a small bowl of Raisin Bran would be OK. I also had a bowl of citrus fruit (grapefruit/oranges) and some decaf coffee.

When my stomach growled I ate my Quest Nutrition Bar. Carol then got hungry and we went with two other gals for lunch and I had a salad. I did try something new at the salad bar. They had pickled hard boiled eggs. I have seen them many times and admired the pretty purple color but had not tasted them. I got two of them and thought they were pretty good. Supper was provided through a buffet. When I read the menu it read lasagna and vegetable lasagna with garlic bread. OH NO. I did have some grapes from the snack table that afternoon. I was mentally planning to just have salad and then get some dark chocolate covered almonds from the snack table for a protein but when I got there there were hot vegetables (carrots, green beans) in addition to the salad so instead of getting a salad plate at the beginning of the line I had someone pass me back a dinner plate which I filled with salad, green beans, and carrots. The desserts were nice but I have lost my taste for sweets.


Breakfast. Raisin Bran, Citrus Fruit

Lunch. Spinach Salad, Pulled pork.

Supper. Ham wrapped in bacon w/sweet potato, salad


Breakfast. Raisin Bran, Citrus

 There was a gyro buffet for lunch so I just had the lamb and chicken with the fixin's but without the bread and fruit cup for dessert (melons, grapes).

Quest Nutrition Bar on the ride home. (3.5 hours)

Supper - 2 Wasa crackers with almond butter and 1 square of dark chocolate.

Later I had some roasted almonds but I am like Leigh over at Poonapalooza - I can easily eat too many which means they have to go. My biggest problem is eating too much of the right things.

I have decided to wait until this next Sunday to weigh since I missed this morning and would like the week to settle back in to my routine. I fell a little short on the water and quilting is not exactly an aerobic activity. When I got home that was my first real urge to overeat. Didn't. After I had eaten Nathan came in with two pizzas. Had none.

Take care.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

This Is Ironic

She's more than a number on a scale.

I agree with a lot of what she says but thought it was a little humorous when she made that comment since one of the local favorites has said that. That statement is also used to excuse poor choices.

She made a comment about setting examples. hmmmm

There is a local woman on a news channel that is quite chubby and I have noticed it as I am sure many others have. She talks like she needs her adenoids removed. I wonder if I would notice that if she wasn't overweight.

I have to keep a tight reign on my judgmental brain. How about you? They are both doing their jobs and seem to be very nice people. Their weight is their problem, not mine.

The next time I say I won't be blogging for a while because I am going on a quilt retreat would somebody please call me out on that?  :-)

Be careful out there today. I really am leaving for a quilt retreat tomorrow.

Thinking Material

If I Were The Devil

-- By Paul Harvey

I would gain control of the most powerful nation in the world;
I would delude their minds into thinking that they had come from man's effort, instead of God's blessings;
I would promote an attitude of loving things and using people, instead of the other way around;
I would dupe entire states into relying on gambling for their state revenue;
I would convince people that character is not an issue when it comes to leadership;
I would make it legal to take the life of unborn babies;
I would make it socially acceptable to take one's own life, and invent machines to make it convenient;
I would cheapen human life as much as possible so that life of animals are valued more than human beings;
I would take God out of the schools, where even the mention of His name was grounds for a lawsuit;
I would come up with drugs that sedate the mind and target the young, and I would get sports heroes to advertise them;
I would get control of the media, so that every night I could pollute the minds of every family member for my agenda;
I would attack the family, the backbone of any nation. I would make divorce acceptable and easy, even fashionable. If the family crumbles, so does the nation;
I would compel people to express their most depraved fantasies on canvas and movie screens, and I would call it art;
I would convince the world that people are born homosexuals, and that their lifestyles should be accepted and marveled;
I would convince the people that right and wrong are determined by a few who call themselves authorities and refer to their agendas as politically correct;
I would persuade people that the church is irrelevant and out of date, the Bible is for the naive;
I would dull the minds of Christians, and make them believe that prayer is not important, and that faithfulness and obedience are optional;

Thinking material from jensgyrations.blogspot.com

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Friend Making Tuesday

OK - so now it's four posts for the day.

1) I am how many years old, weigh this much, and aspire to weigh this much....

I will be 63 years old in November. My last weight was 181. I started out at 230 and aspire to get to 165 at the moment. I weighed 157 when I got married so that's another number I am considering. The top of the weight range for my height when I was in WW was 149 but I start looking a little scrawny then.

2) I am following a great plan, and this is what I do....

Low-carb, exercise 3 - 5 times a week, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

3) When faced with a decision of whether to eat something in moderation or abstain, I choose to....

I have been known to do both at one time or another. I have a talk with myself first and determine my reason for wanting to eat this. It also depends on what it is. If it is a donut - abstain for sure. If the menu is out of my control, moderation.

4) I am employed as this, or I am not working but used to be this...

I am a retired school teacher. You can probably tell that from my blog. I have a part-time job with ATM Solutions to support my habits - quilting and flowers.

5) I have pets, and they are, named....

Registered German shepherd - Sergeant Major Baldwin (Sarge), and a cat - Noggin.

6) My favorite snack food is.... and I can eat this many of them....

Almonds. Don't really count; I try to eat them slowly until I feel the "enough" signal. It's a lot easier to stop with unsalted almonds than junk.

7) I blog because......

Everybody has a right to my opinion :-) Really - it's an outlet, a sounding board. I enjoy writing and composing things. I get to give and receive support, advice, and friendship.

Yet Another Thought

I know I said I was going on a Quilt Retreat and wouldn't be blogging for a while but after I published my first post today I had a light bulb moment on my way to the shower. This is now the third post today - my all-time high I might add.

I wondered about those of you who have been pointed out on someone else's blog. How did it feel? Were you "called out" as we say or were you commended or did someone chew you out?

I'll start. I have been mentioned on one blog two or three different times. I do remember two of them. Same blogger - gotta love him :-) Once was for a religious topic which I understand - that is a hot button issue. He doesn't seem to hold grudges. Neither do I. The other time he noticed my comment on another person's blog and there was a link to me and his evaluation of what I said. I cannot remember the blogger but she was kind of wishy washy and messing around by her own admission so I commented and asked her why she just didn't stay fat. Many people are fat so why put yourself through all this if your heart isn't in it? Those weren't my exact words but something to that effect. I was at the beginning of losing weight and I don't think he thought I had any room to talk. Probably didn't.

Anyway - what about you? If you were criticized was it done in a tactful way? If you were called out, did you deserve it?

I think this is my last post until after the Quilt Retreat (really).

Be careful out there today.

Another Thought

I had another thought while answering Norma's comment on my last post. As I typed this I had an epiphany:

What gets us to obese is different from what keeps us there.

I have been thinking about that statement ever since it tumbled out of my brain. Are there two different sets of causative factors here?

Getting obese, as Norma said, has to have more than just not being concerned or paying attention at its base. I would agree. Does this same person have a different battle when having reached obese and now wants to lose his/her weight? Now self-discipline plays more of a role than it did while the weight gain was happening. At obesity, there is a long, hard road ahead back to normal weight. Now the person has to really CARE.

I am having trouble putting this into words. What do you think? I know I have some followers who will do a great job of expanding on this topic.

Take care.


What assumptions do we make when we see an obese person? Are our assumptions different if we are obese as well or are they different if we are now in control and either at maintenance or very close to it? Being honest here, I think mine are.

Now that I am in control for the moment I tend to have harsher assumptions than I did when I was still obese. When I was obese I can't remember really noticing too much the obesity of others. Now that I have lost a substantial amount I have noticed that I can be less tolerant of the obese even though I have been there for a good portion of my life.

Why is that? Do I think I insulate myself from ever being obese again if I disdain those who seem at first glance not to even be trying in my judgmental brain?

This topic popped into my brain as I answered Yellow Rose/Jasmine's comment from my last post.

I can think of one blogger who isn't around anymore who gave me the impression that she was trying to be hard core and really come down on those she felt like were not up to her high standards. I did read a comment she made on a blog that she had regained weight and was feeling somewhat humbled by it. She should feel humbled because I thought she was rude. I think it's OK to point out behaviors, we do put ourselves out there for everyone to notice, but she was hateful about it in my opinion.We don't have to make assumptions when it comes to some bloggers; they tell us what they do, don't do, shouldn't do, wish they hadn't done. Some take this very serious matter pretty lightly. There is a difference between struggling and insincerity that is pretty easy to determine.

Anyway - back to my point. One blogger I really admire shared the sexual abuse she endured as a child. Another shared how her mother had yelled in her face that she wished she had aborted her. The rejection I lived with as a child didn't seem to compare when I read those stories.

Appearances don't give us the whole story. Actions do tell those who read us if we are headed in the right direction.

Have you noticed your tolerance for the obese has changed as you have gotten closer to your own weight loss and health goals? Is it because now that we have done it we know it can be done and we assume others should be getting it together as well?

Today is Bible Study Fellowship. I am going to a friend's house to make a hypertufa project. Tonight is body sculpt and the elliptical.

I will be gone on a Quilt Retreat from Thursday through Sunday so won't be blogging again until Monday and I won't be reporting my weight until Monday. I will be watching closely eating behaviors and how many are obese (quilting is a sedentary activity) and how many are of normal weight. With that many women together conversation is bound to be about dieting/eating/etc. so I will have a report I am sure. We are supposed to take a snack to share. I am not going to as I don't intend to snack. I will have some of my Quest Nutrition Bars and some roasted almonds as a back-up in case all these buffets fall a little short of things for me but I imagine there will be vegetables, fruit, and meat so I should be OK. The goal is to come back with no weight to re-lose.

Talk to you in a few---