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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sense of Entitlement

I am having those feelings that I think everyone has when we feel like we have done everything right and have a small loss. I felt entitled to more than a 1/2 lb. loss when I have been getting hungry to the point of a dull headache and my stomach has been growling.

It isn't because I haven't been eating enough.
It isn't because I have been exercising a little more and muscle weighs more than fat.
Menopause happened a couple decades ago.
I have been doing low-carb for quite some time so it's not too many carbs.
I have been getting the water in.

Things like this just happen. I have been looking forward to the next digit. I guess I will be looking a little longer. I remember when in WW that I would have a week like this and have a hold or only a small loss and that sense of entitlement would appear. I also remember times I would go in feeling really fat and have a significant loss. I accepted the losses I didn't feel entitled to a lot better than the small losses when I felt entitled to a nice loss. As many say, a loss is a loss but a big loss is a big loss too :-). I can also deal with this a lot better when it happens to other people :-) I guess things like this keep us humble.

This is a lifestyle change so onward I go.

Be careful out there today and have a blessed Sunday.


  1. Totally get ya here. It's the consistency that will save us from falling into old habits. That and the way we feel overall- which is certainly much better! Keep going!

    1. So true. The new lifestyle is the answer. We just keep on going regardless of occasional fluctuations. Be careful out there today.