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Monday, September 10, 2012

Old Habits Die Hard

I just remembered something that I had intended to share yesterday.

When I made my decision to make a chart of my weight beginning Sunday morning it was Saturday evening. The thought that popped into my head was to go ahead and eat on Saturday evening so that Sunday's weight would be higher making my first week's loss look better. I still have a fat brain sometimes.

I remember once when I was going to go back to Weight Watchers (again) that the evening before I gorged myself for the same reason.

This shows how much power some of us give to the scale. I can handle it a lot better now but it is one of the reasons I haven't made a weight chart until now. It bothers me and it shouldn't. That scale to me is like Hitler to the Jews. I have always weighed myself when I was in the right frame of mind to handle it. I give it too much power; if I have lost, I want to eat because I am happy; if I have gained, I want to eat because I am sad.

Weighing at WW was like being sent to the principal's office in school. It was the disciplinarian. I felt like a failure if I stayed the same or gained. I didn't want to go if I didn't think I was going to get good news. If I lost less than 1 lb. I still felt like a failure. The mindset was, "I spent this whole week planning, tracking, fighting hunger, and this is what I get?" I felt like a child throwing a tantrum. Emotions can wreck us as we all know. This is one of the reasons I think people are not successful in the long run with WW. I tried to be a people pleaser like those ladies that weighed us had some power over me. They were always very kind and supportive. It was ME who had the problem. The at home program with WW would help with this I think.

Thankfully now I have come a long way in this area of weighing. I have to look at this week's weight each time I open my blog. That is my motivation to stay true to what I want. I want to see a loss each week no matter how small because I have come to accept that this is for life so if I am doing what I should be doing the weight will come off and there is time.

Be careful out there today.


  1. "Fat brains"! Me, too, sometimes. But when it comes to the scale, it IS my friend. Unlike some people, I weigh every morning. I welcome the feedback--positive or negative--and make any adjustments necessary to stay on track.

    1. I think that's great. It's good not to let a little problem become a big one. I do better weighing once a week though - that's plenty for me. Take care.

  2. Have you ever weighed yourself daily? For me, it allowed me to see the normal weight fluctuations of my body, how they related to my cycle etc. Some days a 0.2 lb loss was all I needed to maintain my momentum. If I were to weigh only once a week, I'm sure I would have been discouraged as there were many weeks with only a lb loss. Weighing daily allowed me to take all the scary power away from the scale and just use it like a tool. Which is all it is. Just something to consider :o)

    1. I have weighed myself daily for a short time but the fluctuations were more of a discouragement than a motivation for me. Many people are like you, view it as a tool and use the information to plan. I still remember the days in school when I dreaded the school nurse weighing me because I was fat. I always dreaded getting weighed when I went to the doctor and I was always stressed when getting weighed at WW. We have to do what works best for us for sure. Take care.