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Thursday, September 27, 2012

How to Move a Mountain

Patience and diligence, like faith, remove mountains.   -William Penn

All the plans I made, all the resolutions I vowed to keep were poor substitutes for patience. At times, doing nothing but waiting is harder than writing lists and following schedules and doing this and that.

The above is from an OA daily reading.

A mountain for each of us is getting this weight off and keeping it off. However, we have not been patient enough; we have not been diligent enough. In order to move a mountain we have to diligently and patiently work at it.

A mountain in scripture is any challenge that we have. We can move a mountain one bucket at a time. Our days are each a bucket that we can fill with what we need to overcome.

The September 25 reading from Emmet Fox went like this:


The present moment is never intolerable. It is always what is coming in five minutes or five days that makes people despair. The Law of Life is to live in the present, and this applies to both time and place. Keep your attention to the present moment, and in the place where your body is now. Do a fair day's work, and then stop. Overwork is not productive in the long run.

A friend of mine was visiting a great cathedral in Italy. Just inside the door was a magnificent mosaic extending the width of the building, but not yet completed. It represented the Last Judgment and the number of tiny pieces of different colored marble involved in it staggers the imagination. A man was on his knees working away and my friend, who spoke Italian, whispered to him, "What a stupendous task you have! I could not even dream of undertaking so much work."

The man replied quietly, "Oh, I know about how much I can do comfortbly in one day. So each morning I mark out a certain area, and I don't bother my head thinking outside of that space. Before I know where I am the job will be complete."

Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself    . . . (Matthew 6:34).

Before we know it our job of weight loss will be complete. We must be patient and diligent and take one day at a time. If this man had thought of the whole mosaic each day it would have been too much and he may never have even started.

How good are you and how good am I at staying in the moment?


  1. Good reminder Myra. I have to admit, I am getting a bit impatient now, but I think it's anxiety taking. You know, Just get it over with so i can start dealing with the new phase in my life. You always provide great food for thought!

    1. You have made changes for life Leigh. These changes are not going to stop when you reach goal so just keep putting one foot in front of the other (literally and figuratively). Everyone has to do pretty much the same thing to keep off 10 pounds that has to be done to keep off 210 pounds. At maintenance there is a level playing field so to speak and each day we can celebrate our victory again! I know I am looking forward to it. I will get there and so will you so chuck the anxiety and live. I always look forward to your comments. Be careful out there today.

  2. For the last little bit I have been so busy doing good things, fun things and helpful things. And yet I haven't been so good about really taking care of me. That behavior always comes back to haunt me, when I bite off more than I can really chew well...
    I love your story of the man with the mosaic. I keep thinking if I can just do a little more and yet that's not what this life is really about. I need to get back to firm boundaries. I am not so good at that. And the first thing to go when I give up too much of myself is actually me. Nice way to explore this idea. Really good post today!

    1. I "overbook" myself as well. Keeping busy is good for me because my basic tendency is laziness. I am not a naturally active, can't sit still type. I do need to stay on task but I also need to have some time for personally enriching activities which might be spending time in prayer or reading a good book. Take care.