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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Body Sculpt

I am going to a body sculpt class tonight at the community center where I take my step aerobics class on M-W-F. I am hoping it is something I like. I assume we will do work with weights and floor work - body resistance things. There is a body sculpt class on Tuesday evening at 6 p.m. and on Thursday evening at 7:15 p.m. There is a spinning class on Tuesday at 7:15 and Thursday at 6. I am not a fan of spinning although I think it is a wonderful calorie burner. My butt hurt forever the last time I tried it. It takes a while getting used to that seat. It only works the lower body and I prefer to work the whole body in a class. Who knows, if I really get into it since I am already there for the body sculpt why not do spinning as well? I was in a Jazzercise class that met on T-Th-S but I have to say I hate the music. I am a geezer and Black Eyed Peas, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rihanna, Katie what's her name is not my kind of music. Why pay for a Jazzercise class when I already have a membership at The Golay Center in Cambridge City and all classes are free with the membership?

I have told you about my husband's back problems. He went to a pain management doctor today who told him his back was shot (two other doctors have told him the same thing). He is now on morphine to control the pain. Years of cement finishing and then the compression fracture when he fell backwards down those 3 basement steps have taken their toll.

I ran a route today and must do so again tomorrow. Here is my exciting food: Raisin Bran muffin for breakfast in the car as I drive and take my pills. I just put it all in a zip-lock bag. Later I had a Quest Nutrition Bar (strawberry cheesecake - yum). I also had a 1/2 c. serving of my trail mix. My last meal of the day was a big, old salad and some dark chocolate. This is no ordinary salad. I had 1/2 an avocado on it, 2 slices of crisp bacon, some sunflower seeds, some slivered almonds, and about every vegetable there is. I still prefer Ranch dressing.

I have found a wonderful chai tea. It's a latte in a box and is sugar free. It's in the coffee/tea aisle. The directions say to dilute it in equal parts with something of your choice. I mix it with almond milk. The brand is Oregon Chai. It has 0 calories per 1/2 c. serving. I use one cup and mix with 1 c. of almond milk which has 30 calories. I added some stevia and had it over ice. Is it ever good. There is some protein (5 gr. I think in a cup of almond milk) so it's a great way to take the edge off of some hunger I may experience later. Here are the ingredients:  water, organic black tea, organic vanilla, organic spices, sucralose, and citric acid. The sucralose is probably the only "less than desirable" thing in it. It's worth it!

Take care. The world is going crazy.


  1. Sorry to hear about your husband's back. That must be pretty discouraging

    You're right about the world going crazy...

    All the more reason to keep one's own body, mind and spirit "sculpted"!

    (As you may have observed, I am not as dedicated to exercise as I "should" be. I am seriously studying a stretching regimen that would be enjoyable and healthy for me. If you don't hear that I've started it in the next week or so, feel free to ask me why not!)

    1. I will expect a full report on the beginning of your stretching. Sun salutes are great. There are YouTube videos on it and some web sites. We are just going to have to make the best of a bad situation regarding Duane's back. Take care.

  2. Back problems- Yikes! Many in my family are plagued by them, so I am careful about keeping a strong core and lifting with the knees bent.
    Funny about the music! I am a musician and as such I can honestly say that I haven't been able to find any music that really turns me off so much. I like it all. I really do. :)
    Yes, this world is nuts right now and yet I find that I can only just keep going. I guess I am a born fighter, as they say.

    1. You have the gift of music and can appreciate music that is well done whether or not it appeals to you. You like rap????
      My lower back is always sore as well and I have to be careful. We may all have to find the fight within us one of these days. Take care.