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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


When we look at someone like the guy on the scooter in my previous post we wonder how he can stand to be dependent on a scooter for independence. Poonapalooza commented about her birth mother being Type II diabetic and doing nothing about her situation. I think of my aunt who had emphysema and had to drag an oxygen tank everywhere and she would still take off those breathing tubes and smoke.

Those of us who now exercise regularly and have changed our habits have adapted to this new way of living. It is uncomfortable for us now to stray from the new "us".  I got to thinking about that same perspective as it relates to the person who is diabetic, or who has emphysema, or any number of other conditions and does nothing to correct it. They have accepted the discomfort brought by these conditions as their lives. They have adapted. As they gradually lived their lives and became less and less healthy it just became their new "normal".  They cannot see themselves as slim and healthy. That would be abnormal for them.

Most of us have heard the true story of putting a frog in cool water and gradually heating it up. The frog will not jump out but will stay in the water as it grows hotter and hotter and will die. It adapts to the heat and it kills him.

It's hard to imagine someone not wanting to wear nice clothes, feel good, and do things. Maybe they do want it but on a very immature level. It has taken something very disturbing for some of us to get serious. Some of us just got sick of how we were living and committed to doing something about it. We found a compelling reason and acted upon it.

Last night I did do the body sculpt class and then spinning. Bad idea. My back was very sore this morning. So I think when doing body sculpt on Tuesdays and Thursdays I will just go spend some time on the elliptical for some aerobic work. I wasn't able to keep up in step aerobics this morning because my muscles were still weak from last night. The leader of the body sculpt class did a lot of weights and floor work for thighs and so spinning did not go well. I just sat on the bike and pedaled for the hour. I did sweat but didn't do the class. It was the same leader I have for step aerobics so I told her this morning that it wasn't going to work.

Live and learn. Take care.


  1. We've all been there. It's best to admit when something doesn't work and keep on with the things that do. All of us need rest time as well. Keep at it.

    1. I never did enjoy spinning but was going to do it as I think it is a great calorie burner but it just isn't for me. It made my back really sore and I don't want anything to get in the way of my exercise program. There are many things to do for exercise. I have decided on the elliptical and body sculpt for my Tues/Thurs sessions and step aerobics on M-W-F. I may do something on Saturday on my own or go and work out at The Golay Center on my own. Take care.