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Friday, August 10, 2012

Women too!

Here ARE The Top Ten Reasons Why Guys Fail In  The Gym And How To Make Sure YOU Avoid Every One Of These Deadly Common Mistakes...

MISTAKE #1: Using Mostly Machine Exercises

Have you ever noticed how most guys in the gym are packed like cattle into the machine area while they're letting the free weights gather dust?
Of course you have.
We've all felt intimidated by the free weight area, so it makes sense to stick with the machines which look easier, safer and equally effective.
 But guess what?
 Machines aren't nearly as effective as free weights because they balance the weight for you. That's why the strength they develop doesn't carry over to the real world and sports activities.
And while it's true that machines are safe because you can't drop a bar on your head, they're ultimately NOT as safe as free weights because they force you into fixed, unnatural movements that can hurt your joints.
On the other hand, free weights allow for NATURAL movements and build the kind of real-world strength that you'll NEVER achieve with machine.
And since hardly anyone is using free weights in your gym, you'll no longer have to wait for equipment to be free and thus save a TREMENDOUS amount of time.

MISTAKE #2: Doing Too Many Isolation Exercises

Another huge and unfortunate mistake most guys make is doing too many exercises that work only one joint at a time. Stuff like Biceps Curls, Dumbbell Flies and Leg Extensions.
They usually do this because they believe you need to work every muscle directly, from every possible angle, in order for it to grow.
Most guys don't realize that when you Bench Press, your arms hold and push the bar. So you're not just working your chest but also your triceps... and with much heavier weights than you would using an isolation exercise like triceps extensions.
More important, isolation of a joint is RARE outside the gym. Whether you're running, jumping or carrying something you're always using several joints and muscles at the same time.
And that's why doing mostly isolation exercises will build FAKE strength only usable in
the gym. Worse, this can also result in an unbalanced and weird-looking physique if you favor certain body parts while neglecting others.
Better is to focus on compounds exercises that work several muscles at the same time. Exercises like Squats will work your legs, abs and arms with heavier weights... develop MORE muscle and strength as a result... and cut your workout time DRAMATICALLY because you only need three to four compound exercises for a full body workout.
That's training SMART.

MISTAKE #3: Not Training Your Legs And Back

Go to any gym and you'll find most men training their arms, chest and abs like there's no tomorrow... while they completely ignore their legs and back.
Few guys know that your body releases more muscle building and fat burning hormones when you train large muscles like your legs and back.
Not only that, these anabolic hormones also stimulate growth in your smaller muscles.
That's right. If you train your legs and back, you will not only get a more balanced
physique, you'll also get MORE GROWTH in your chest, shoulders and arms.
Watch out for those Captain Upperbodies with toothpick legs and pencil necks. The only reason they got a pigeon chest although they rarely train their legs and back, is almost always drug-use. And few of them will ever admit this...
But if you train NATURALLY like I've always done, you'll have to train your legs and back for maximum upper-body results...

MISTAKE #4: Hitting The Gym Without A Plan

We've all done this, going to the gym without ANY idea of what we're going to do... instead just messing around with whatever equipment happens to be free or try the "cool" stuff some other guy is doing.
Another BIG mistake.
I'm sure you've heard the saying, "FAILING TO PLAN IS PLANNING TO FAIL". It's like leaving on a journey without roadmap or compass. If you don't  know where you're going and where you are, you're simply LESS LIKELY to succeed.
That's why you should ALWAYS have a clear plan and goal for every workout. This means knowing BEFORE you even enter the gym which exercises you're going to do, with how much weight, and for how many sets and reps.
Not only will this make you stop worrying about what everybody else is thinking, once you start "keeping score" you'll also KNOW whether what you're doing in the gym actually WORKS.
And remember, what you can measure you can improve. Never leave success to luck.

MISTAKE #5: Lifting The Same Weight All The Time

One of the most common mistakes that guys make is lifting the same weight week after week... without ever challenging themselves to lift more.
Know this: unless you give your body a REASON to become bigger and stronger, it's going to be lazy and stay exactly where it is today.
In fact, you can even get WEAKER and struggle to get your reps with your regular weight...
That's why you should ALWAYS try to lift more weight than last time. It doesn't need to be much, five pounds extra is plenty. What matters is that you push your body to get stronger by increasing the weight systematically.
Maybe you're thinking: "but Mehdi, nobody can add weight forever!" Of course not, that would be too easy. But you can add weight CONSISTENTLY for longer than you think with my StrongLifts 5x5 Workout...
And as you'll discover in the coming weeks, even if you hit a plateau, there are ways around it..
MISTAKE #6: Thinking Getting "Pumped" And Sore Means You Had An Effective Workout

Another huge mistake is thinking that training until your muscles are pumped will make them grow bigger... and that waking up with sore muscles the day after means you had a good workout.
Listen, pump and soreness may or may not happen, but they are not required to gain muscle.  Here's what is: ADDING WEIGHT TO THE BAR.
Don't believe me? Then why are the best-built guys always those with a strength background?
Here's why: because it's a scientifically proven fact that the number one thing that builds
muscle is gaining strength - NOT pump or soreness.
Think about it. Who will have the biggest chest? The guy who can Bench 300 pounds or the one who does supersets with 135lb until pumped and sore?
Maybe you don't care about getting stronger, but the fact remains that the guy who can Bench 300lb will always have a bigger chest than the one who Benches 135lb. And that's because strength builds muscle.
Truth is, if you're not lifting more weight today than three months ago, REGARDLESS of how pumped and sore you got during all that time, you are NOT making progress. Period.

MISTAKE #7: Trying to "Confuse" Your Muscles To Make Them Grow

I just explained it's a mistake to think that getting pumped and sore will build muscle.
Well, another similar mistake a lot of guys do is switching their sets, reps and exercises all the time in order to confuse their muscles...
The erroneous thinking is that your body will stop gaining muscle if you do the same exercises, sets and reps week after week.
Well guess what?
This is BROSCIENCE. Let me reiterate what I said earlier: the number one thing that builds muscle is gaining strength. And you don't get stronger by switching everything up all the time. Nor can you master technique or track progress efficiently that way.
Seriously if you REALLY want to confuse your muscles, then here's a simple way to do it: lift more weight than you did last workout.
Now they're confused.

MISTAKE #8: Skipping Scheduled Workouts

What do most guys do when they're tired, had a rough day at the work or just don't feel like going to the gym?
They SKIP their scheduled workout.
After all, that one little workout doesn't matter... you can always do it the day after...
Yeah right. Another BAD idea.
Here's why: skipping workouts doesn't build discipline and it's a SLIPPERY SLOPE:  that one "meaningless" workout often turns into two skipped workouts. Before you know it you missed a week, and that's usually the beginning of the end.
Truth is, until you start showing up CONSISTENTLY at the gym... until you understand
that BAD workouts are better than NO workouts... you'll NEVER have the kind of body and strengthyou want.

MISTAKE #9: Trying To Out-train A Bad Diet

This is the most common mistake guys looking to achieve a lean muscular body make: they waste hours doing boring cardio and countless sit ups in order to burn their belly fat and get six pack abs.
Unfortunately, 45 mins of cardio at a steady state only burns about 500kcals... which is the equivalent of a Big Mac (without the fries and coke). So unless you spend the whole day in the pool like Michael Phelps or the whole day cycling like Lance Armstrong, forget about getting away with eating junk food each day - you just aren't going to burn
significant calories.
What's more: spot reduction is a myth, it is physiologically impossible to burn fat locally and get six pack abs by doing a gazillion of sit ups.
Yes, lifting heavy weights will make you build muscle and strength quickly and naturally. But if you want to achieve a lean muscular body with visible six pack abs, then you will have to clean up your diet as well. If not, a layer of fat will always cover
the muscles you've built.

MISTAKE #10: Not Getting HELP

This is the biggest mistake of all.
This is the mistake that keeps most men   from EVER having the kind of body and strength they truly want.
I know, guys don't like to make themselves weak or helpless. We don't like to ask for help.



  1. AGREE 100%...with #s 1, 9 and 10 especially.

    1. I don't know why this author only included men in the article because it is certainly appropriate for anyone who is wanting to get stronger and build muscle. This is information we can all use. Take care.

  2. maybe it was written for a mens interest mag/website? I dunno... but they are great tips. I still get intimidated by free weights. It feels like the "dude zone." I really like the body weight stuff though. Squats, lunges, running, planks, etc. I'm sure at some point, I will be ready to throw some free weights on top of those exercises.

    good food for thought! Thanks for sharing!

    1. We get too self-conscious don't we when we feel like we enter the "dude zone" as you point out. It seems like that area is for men and we are lifting our "baby weights". They don't care and neither should we but I know what you mean because I feel like I don't belong there. It's me and I need to get over it. Take care.