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Monday, August 6, 2012

What Are We Afraid Of?

Al makes a good point today concerning fear of hunger. Have you and I really thought that through?

Is our fear a fear of not getting enough food or perhaps we fear that we will eat too much again? Our control is very fragile at times isn't it?

Hunger opens a door that we sometimes have trouble getting shut. Hunger signals that we have to deal with food again. We have to protect ourselves somehow. We do this with all kinds of mental gymnastics. The calorie thing, the starvation mode thing, the regain thing, the muscle loss thing - can you think of any others?

I still can get very anxious when I begin to feel hungry. My stomach just growled as I was composing this. It's not as threatening as it used to be and that is the only way I can eat intuitively - wait for the growl. I got home from step aerobics about 20 minutes ago and I looked around for something to eat when I got in the door even though there wasn't a growl yet. Why do I still look for something to eat when I get to Mom's house even though I just ate before going to her house? I can be very logical about it all but there is a dysfunctional relationship with food/eating that still raises its ugly head at times. Sometimes I deal with it better than others. Have you ever noticed when not hungry that you can be very logical, plan things out perfectly, and feel like you are ready but then hunger can wipe it all out? What's up with that?

I weighed 182.5 (again) this morning. My goal is to be in the next digit by September. Completely do-able. I have been farting around a little so ---

I want to be able to ride my bicycle around this country block out here in Centerville. A country block means hills and dogs. I will get a water pistol and fill it with water with some ammonia in it. Making a dog's eyes burn is something they tend to remember. We got an inch of rain and it has cooled off! This means one of my excuses for not getting in a bicycle ride just vanished.

Let's all make good choices today and not fear the hunger feeling (not hunger pain).

FYI -  http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/08/04/dangerous-demonization-our-food/


  1. Ah the food fears... boy can I relate to that. I believe that I grew scared of hunger because of my mothers yo-yo dieting and drug addiction. It taught me to hoard what I could for the times when there would be no food in the house. When mother was on a diet she ate all her 'special' food and kind of forgot or was too high to feed her kids. We hit survival mode and wandered over to get treats from a neighbor. Not a good cycle.
    It is silly to keep relating to food as if I don't have control over what I will eat and I try very hard not to. I win most of the time by letting logic be my guide- I'm really not 'starving', I can't let emotions get to me, etc.
    Thanks for the mole advice. I'll let you know what happens with this little bugger. It's amazing how much damage one small critter can do.

    1. Our childhood experiences stay with us don't they? Even when we know what is the cause of our poor relationship with food and eating those emotions are still there. I hope you get the mole soon. It is a great feeling to stab one of them. :-)

  2. I've had a peek at your flower beds I believe, and I assure you, mine are NOTHING compared to what you must have :)

    Tell me about your raisin bran muffins....are they homemade?

  3. When I read Al's post, I realized I have a silly, irrational fear of being hungry. I'm assuming it's because for a long time I never let myself feel hungry because I was ALWAYS feeling full. Constantly feeding myself.

    When you decide to lose weight, you then get bombarded with some of these messages:

    Don't let yourself get hungry!
    Stay ahead of the hunger!
    Don't let yourself get hungry because if you do you WILL make bad food choices.

    Even today, several months into my new health & fitness routines, if we were going somewhere in which I wouldn't have complete control over food options, I would be shoveling it in NOW so I won't be hungry and risk making bad food choices LATER.

    Interesting topic, for sure.

    1. This is a long, hard road full of potholes and ambushes isn't it? We can learn so much from each other and all the epiphanies are priceless. They lead us to the place of peacefulness and self-control. It would seem like it shouldn't be so hard but it is. Denying ourselves is tough but worth it. We need to get out of the mindset that we can eat without thinking. We need to face up to the fact that there are things we should never eat and things we should eat rarely. Being hungry is OK. We shouldn't feel threatened by it anymore. Take care.