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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Well, turtle does pretty much taste like chicken. I can now say I have eaten it. I can take it or leave it.

I followed the plan I outlined last time 100%. I am now up and it's almost time to go pick up Carol and we will be on our way to step aerobics. I am so much better off to get the workout done in the morning even though I would like to stay home and get some watering done in the yard before it gets so hot. The drought is severe here and has been for quite some time. The later it gets in the day the less likely it is that I work out.

My manager called and wants me to do the ATM's in Indiana today. It only takes 2.5 hours so when I get home from aerobics I will get the uniform on, strap on the revolver, and off I go. I am ready to do the binding on the quilt I am making for a wedding in the family. The wedding is on Sept. 1 so I will be able to enter it in our local quilt show the last weekend of August. Perfect. I also need to sweep the living room. I hate housework.

It's my turn to water the planters at the main intersection in town so I will get that done on my way home from aerobics. There are 4 large planters, one on each corner, and they each get a gallon of water each day. I take turns with another lady in Promote Centerville for keeping them watered. Here's a trick for watering newly planted things in your yard. Take a 1-gallon milk jug and poke a hole in one of the bottom corners. I used an awl. I put some gravel in the bottom so it wouldn't blow away. Set it next to the plant/tree/etc. and fill it with water (you can use a funnel if your hand isn't very steady). The water will slowly drain and will be absorbed and not run off. That little tip was worth reading this boring post wasn't it?

I am on call from 3 - 11 today.

That's about as exciting as it will get today. Take care.

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