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Saturday, August 18, 2012

One Reason Is As Good As Another

Me said in her comment to me about mentioning her comment as a blog topic (does that even make sense?:-) that we should find another reason to lose weight. Health doesn't work (unless it's life or death and then sometimes that doesn't change behavior). I remember my uncle and my dad, both diabetic, eating what they wanted and then depending on extra insulin to take care of it.

The motivation can be something as insignificant as a marble. Here is Pam's idea for short term motivation. That makes a lot more sense than better health don't you think?  :-) Works for me. I am doing it.

OK - we've established that better health doesn't really do it for us so let's think of some other things. How about buying yourself something one size too small - something really great that you cannot wait to wear? Getting off the necessary weight to wear those new jeans would motivate some of us.

Maybe a massage with a 10 lb. loss.

Would you like to have a toe ring? New ear rings?

How about some fresh flowers for the kitchen table when you reach the next digit?

It can be something as little as bubble bath, nail polish, or lipstick.

Avoiding surgery, amputation, or blindness? We think about those things but it won't happen today will it? Is that what's in the back of our minds - it won't be today? I want a toe ring.

This is all for fun but there is a grain of truth here.


  1. Health does it for very few people in my experience. Every smoker knows that his/her health would be vastly improved by quitting, but a ton of them end up with oxygen tanks and still smoking just the same.

    My reason for this was and still is vanity. Pure, selfish wanting to look the best I can.

    I have seen the marble idea before; it's cute and may be helpful but 1) I don't like people thinking this "journey" has an "end" and that maybe once all the marbles are out of the "pounds to go" jar it's time to party, "celebrate," let loose a little, go back to eating however much of whatever just because whenever they want because "they've worked hard" and "deserve it," and bid adieu to the gym. Because they never start moving the marbles back in the other direction; the jars and the marbles and the scale and the soon-too-tight new clothes get pushed to the back of a closet. I also hope she didn't mean that between now and whenever she can get to the craft store she's just going to remain stagnant; that's the same as "I'll start my diet after the holidays/Monday/after this quarter ends at work/when the kids go back to school/as soon as we finish off all the ice cream in the fridge and all the chips in the cabinet" thinking.

    1. To make this effective as well as fun, the marbles WOULD have to go the other direction as well. It's just a visual and the empty jar could make the person think about keeping it that way.

      You are right, we cannot make this into a mind game - another way to play around with it and make ourselves think we are doing something constructive when we are not.

      Pam has been struggling lately. She fights a daily battle with herself - you are the kind of support and encouragement she needs. She is pretty sensitive and gets down in the dumps but always comes back and gets to it.

      Be careful out there today.

    2. Send her over! Have a great weekend , Myra.

  2. I count every pound lost as motivation. (I don't have a digital scale or I'd count every 1/10 of a pound!) I guess I'm a simple person. For me, progress is it's own reward.

    1. It's good that you don't need anything but success to keep you going. It's easier that way. Take care.

  3. Being quoted twice in one week? I don't think that's ever happened before. Thanks. Personally I think that you need a bit of positive incentive for when you've lost weight and a bit of negative disincentive for when you don't lose. As an example, I made a promise to myself that I would not travel overseas until I was at goal weight. I guess it helped because I've only got 4kg to go.

    Oh by the way, just for reference I'm male. You're not the first person to get my gender wrong. I must put some before and after photos on my blog next month.

    1. Oops! I just assumed you were female. Assume = ass of u and me. Thanks for being a good sport. I can think of three male weight loss bloggers now. I am sure there are more. If these little incentives work for us, than I say "what's the harm"? Take care. I will give you a rest now :-)