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Monday, August 13, 2012


Jane has a great post here. She talks about reasons for doing something. Negative reasons are not beneficial to us emotionally.

Motivation is why we do things. It is that reason that is first in our brains and we decide to do or not do something. There is negative reinforcement and positive reinforcement.

Everything we do is first a thought.

We are kind of screwed up when it comes to overeating aren't we? The results of overeating are negative reinforcement yet we repeat the behavior. My dad's negative reinforcement for bad behavior was pretty convincing and something we did not want to revisit. He did not have to discipline us much but we knew he would.

So here we go overeating so that we can revisit the negative reinforcement. The negative reinforcement evidently isn't negative enough or we would catch on. Let's wait for diabetes, a stroke, or a heart attack. Maybe then our eating behavior will change. In America, that is often the scenario - we are diagnosed with diabetes then we watch our diets; we have a stroke and then we careful about what goes into our bodies; we have a heart attack and then we begin to exercise.

Positive reinforcement doesn't trump negative reinforcement in so many of us. The positive reinforcement of smaller sizes, more energy, and better health isn't enough to make us seek those things through what we eat. This has always been something I consider, reconsider, and then consider again. How can we want these things so badly and yet do the very things that keep it from happening?

And look at the excuses we use:

It was the weekend.
There was a family reunion.
The birthday cake was in the break room.
I was angry with someone.
I was depressed.
I was happy.
The wind was out of the north.

Delayed gratification is a big part of the problem here. It seems so long until we are slim and healthy.

Good news. We can be that person right now. We can change our tomorrows by working on today and being slim now. The body will catch up. If we want to keep it off permanent changes will be necessary. If those changes are made today; we just have to be patient and practice being what we want to become. It will be ours and tomorrow morning we will be closer and it will be a new day to practice slim, healthy, and  strong. Practice makes perfect doesn't it?

Be careful out there today.


  1. You're so right. Why is negative reinforcement sometimes a bigger motivator than positive? I get caught up in this a lot, my negative thoughts obviously make me feel horrible but right now they are fueling the fire. I'm trying to be more positive, but its not always easy!

    1. Negative reinforcement is what we get from a binge so why wouldn't we stop? We may never know. Take care.

  2. Motivation is the reason why we succeed or fail at anything. My own personal opinion is that "being healthy" is not a good enough motivation to lose weight, because if we wanted to be healthy, we wouldn't have put on weight in the first place. I know that this is somewhat controversial.

    As an example, ask someone why they have not tried heroin (scary addiction and potentially life damaging), bet all of their wealth on a single horse at the grand national (financial ruin and a life of explaining to people why you screwed up), or have 10 children to 10 different partners (financial burden and the understanding that maybe your children would suffer).

    So you don't do those behaviours because of the bad effects. Yet we become overweight/obese until our health suffers but we continue to eat. A reduced life expectancy 40 years from now is just too far away and not important enough. Just my opinion of course, and I welcome the opportunity to be proven wrong.

    The average weight loss achieved by dieters/weight loss bloggers is zero, but I'd say if you offered $50,000 to someone who lost weight and maintained for 10 years the success rate would be higher, even though that is what they'd expect to lose as income of an obese person is reduced due to shorter life expectancy and greater health costs / shorter working life.

    1. Great reply! Thank you. I had never looked at it from that perspective. I will use this as a blog topic giving you the credit of course. Very thought provoking. Take care.

  3. Agreed. Healthy changes can be made today. So worth it!!

    Keep focused!!

    1. You keep focused yourself! :-) You have about the most positive, encouraging personality around. Take care.

  4. yes yes yes.
    IM starting with TODAY.


    1. You go girl. Today is a gift remember; that's why it's called the "present". Take care.