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Monday, August 27, 2012


I wonder how many times I have known I was getting into a dangerous situation regarding eating/food and just tried to wing it? I wasn't listening very well to the impending danger. That tune in "Jaws" makes me tense up because I know something scary is about to happen.

I always said that if we stay out of their habitat there are no problems. If we are going to go where the sharks are they are most likely going to act like sharks.

We should not put ourselves in dangerous situations - not always possible is it? That's when our resolve is tested; it is when being proactive is absolutely essential. It is when we cannot shrink at the thought that we might offend someone if we don't eat as they do. It is being able to recognize the sharks.

I think most people will want to help us if we ask them to help us and make them aware of how important losing weight is to us. We just don't ask I think. We have to evaluate the situation. We have to evaluate ourselves. I think it is sometimes better just not to say we are on a plan to lose weight and eat as we have chosen to eat. We can just say we are not hungry at the moment. We certainly must know ourselves. If we don't trust ourselves to get started, eat before the event and then just say your stomach doesn't feel right and take some water. They can infer from that what they wish. Sometimes it is easier to just stay home. Invite everyone to your house where you will be in control of the food and when people ask what to bring tell them something healthy; they'll do it. I have some great friends who are naturally slim and have always been supportive and encouraging even though they have never had to lose weight in their lives. We all need friends like that.

I noticed this morning in step aerobics how much more I do when the instructor starts counting down the last eight reps. I was ready to give up and drop the weights and she started counting and I did it. That's why I like a class or a video. I try to keep up better and don't let myself give up so quickly because there is that part of me that WANTS to keep up. I imagine that's the main purpose of a personal trainer - to make us go farther than we ever thought possible or would have if we had gone to the gym to work out on our own.

Watch out for the sharks today and for goodness sake don't go where they are. Is that grammatically correct?


  1. Swimming with the sharks - NOT! Great picture of an important principle!

    1. Sharks are everywhere. At the very least we should not seek them out. Take care.

  2. Boy are you right on this one! If only I could get credit back for all the food I've eaten to be polite....

    1. It takes a while to have the self-confidence to say what we mean and mean what we say. We have to stop being people pleasers. Take care.