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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hump Day

Well, it's over the hump and heading toward the end of the week. Friday is payday so that's a good thing.

I wasn't hungry this morning before going to step aerobics because I had some almonds before going to bed last night. If I eat very late I often am not hungry the next morning for a while. Contrast this with the past when I would eat because it was time to eat. Who knows? I could collapse at step aerobics. I would even eat so I wouldn't get hungry (better eat now, we may not be near food when hunger rears its ugly head); what if we got caught between exits on the interstate and got hungry for crying out loud.

I didn't collapse at aerobics after all and had my muffin when I got home. I have already had 32 oz. of water and it's 11 a.m. I made my tonic and it is cooling in the refrigerator and that will be another 32 oz. of liquid. I will have one more 32 oz. bottle of water late afternoon or so. This 96 oz. of water is a little more that half my weight so I'm good.

Chicken salad is so good with the 1/2 avocado I put in it and Nathan (son #1 - Army) brought home some MRE dried cranberries and I put some of those in it. Raisins are also good for a few carbs for the energy level. I also put some slivered almonds in it as well. I forget what MRE stands for but it's Army food that is packed in individual packages and fortified for the soldiers when they are out in the field. What we have had is very good really.

It is pretty warm today. There is rain on the way for the next two days and we need it badly. I am going to be working on a dry creek bed out back and on a hill and will have a picture for you so you can see it as it progresses. I have to go to some local farmers and ask if I can pick up rocks out of their fields for my creek bed. I imagine they will be more than happy to let me do that. I also like to edge things with rocks. We had a water feature in an old iron tub with claw feet but it got to be a pain with the pump clogging up and algae growing in it. It was cute. We propped a sink on the end, put the pump so that it circulated the water up through the faucet on the sink and then the water spilled out of the sink into the tub where we had some fish and water plants. It was pretty cute but now the tub and sink are back where the dry creek bed will be and I will be filling it with dirt and planting flowers in it and around it.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day full of blessings!


  1. Meals Ready to Eat. I am a fount of useless knowledge.

    I look forward to seeing your project.

    1. Maybe not useless - just trivia - FYI stuff - :-) I should go back and take a "before" picture. I'll do that tonight. Take care.

  2. You should post pics to some of the foods you make - that avocado chicken salad sounds great!

    1. I just used about 4 chicken breasts, 4 hard boiled eggs, dried cranberries, some slivered almonds, avocado, and mayo. It's nothing fancy but so good. Take care.