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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Beautiful Day

The weather is absolutely gorgeous today. Cool nights mean no air conditioning and the windows are open.

I have had my Raisin Bran muffin and am going to do my "Sun Salutes" as a warm up for the No. 1 Fat Burning Exercise (you tube) and then do the salutes again as a stretch and cool down afterwards. These are great stretches. There are you tube videos of this as well. Internet sites also have diagrams of how to do these wonderful yoga stretches.

At the top of the No. 1 Fat Burning Exercise I am going to push up 3 times rather than once with the 10 lb. weights before doing the final squat. I will do 15 reps. of this exercise. The thighs are really burning by the the end but I did notice a curve in my thigh as I sat in my easy chair yesterday that I had not noticed before. Isn't it neat when you notice some muscle definition for the first time in some area or another?

I made some chicken salad yesterday and put an avocado in it so that will be lunch with some carrots and cottage cheese perhaps. I do need to go to the grocery and get some more vegetables today. I picked some green beans yesterday and have planted some lettuce as a fall crop. I am hoping that the worst of the heat is behind us. We have another chance of rain on Thursday.

I made a new strawberry bed in one of the raised beds and will be moving my rhubarb out of the raised beds and into the ground. I am not real crazy about raised beds. I know they warm up faster in the spring but they also dry out faster for the rest of the season. I am going to use my raised beds for things that are more "spring" like lettuces, green onions, radishes, etc., and then I will still have time to plant some zinnias or something similar for color.

Here is my mailbox area for you. Some other pictures too.

Here is the mailbox area. This project was done a couple of years ago adding the hay fork with the pot on it. I have a cardinal climber vine on the mailbox, dahlias in the pot, and zinnias in the pot on the ground in back.

This the purple hyacinth vine on the end of my clothes line, also the dead hemlock due to the drought. I am the "if life gives you lemons, make lemonade" type so rather than pulling out the dead hemlock I have planted six clematis vines underneath it. I will soon have a clematis tree. Neat idea, huh?

This is a close up of the purple hyacinth vine bloom - gorgeous - they like to be dry, like full sun, and volunteer the next year. If you have a place in full sun for a vine, I recommend these beauties as well as the cardinal climber on my mailbox.

This is part of the garden. I love my big sun flowers and canna lilies. We have tried gardening in large pots this year. Some success.

This is Sarge in the shade garden. Kind of dark but hope you can tell a little bit about it.

This is the second arbor Isaac (son #2) made for me. It leads into the front yard - no grass, just wood chips there. I think grass is highly over rated. I have a pot of calla lilies on each side. There is a wagon back there somewhere with large pots in it.

This is the other arbor leading into the rose garden.

I hope you have enjoyed your garden tour. Take care.


  1. I can see why your yard is on the garden tour, Myra. It is beautiful, and I especially like that it looks as if it is allowed to grow naturally and not be manicured so much. Your hard work really shows!

    1. Thank you. I love my yard and taking care of it. I have too much to care of as it should be but then I don't know when to quit (as you can tell). Take care.

  2. LOVE the idea of planting vines at the base of the dead tree!!!!

    1. I am really anxious for the tree to be covered in clematis blooms! Take care.