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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Self-Inflicted Wounds

Wounds inflicted by others are sometimes very difficult to heal. Sometimes they leave a scar. What about the ones we inflict on ourselves? Sometimes we even rub salt in the wound.

As I travel around and read about situations bloggers find themselves in it seems like they knew beforehand what they would have to face so they resigned themselves to being off plan for the event and if they are going to be off plan for the event they might as well do it up right.

Tonight I will be tasting turtle for the first time. I was out in the back yard and noticed what looked like an army helmet over in the damp soil in the flower bed at the end of my clothes line. Upon closer inspection I determined it was a snapping turtle from our neighbor's pond. She was planning on laying her eggs there evidently. We have a friend who came out and got the turtle. He butchered it and tonight I will be tasting turtle. Wish me luck.

There will be three couples there and we always pitch in for the side dishes and dessert. I know many would say take something sensible so there will be something there that is low carb friendly. I am going to take green bean casserole and will be baking some bread today to take along. The other friend is making a cheesy potato casserole and banana pudding. Not exactly low carb. The hostess is doing the turtle and I think she is making some mini-meatloaves.

I am not a purist and think we have to live in the real world and deal with social situations in a sensible manner. I am no big fan of banana pudding so that will be easy to pass up. I will have some turtle so I can say I have tasted turtle. I will have a spoon of the potatoes and a spoon of the green bean casserole. I haven't decided on the home made bread - I'll probably have a slice and leave the rest of the loaf there. My recipe makes two loaves so there will be one at home which Duane and Nathan will eat pretty quickly. It doesn't bother me.

This is what I am NOT going to do - take the day off because I am not in charge of the evening menu. I am also NOT going to see how much I can eat because it's there and because I am bad and therefore a failure. I will NOT come home and get into the ice cream in the freezer, the potato chips in the cabinet, and the candy in the refrigerator. There will be no blog post detailing the day's indiscretions. There will be no starting over just a continuation of a plan that works for me. I will exercise in the morning and my breakfast will be my usual raisin bran muffin and lunch will probably be light - leftover quinoa that I made for my meal last night.

Leaving off the banana pudding will be the single biggest factor in not triggering that craving, panic type of hunger that I have described before. Sugar does that to me.

Tomorrow will be my raisin bran muffin for breakfast, step aerobics with my exercise buddy (she is the one bringing the banana pudding and the cheesy potatoes), lunch will be a big salad, and I don't know about supper yet. I will not have been struck by lightening, the diet Nazi's will not have knocked on my door, and this evening's food will not be used as a whip for a self-inflicted wound. It's just food.

It has taken years of stops and starts to get to where I can just eat a meal that is off plan for me. It's just one meal and in the big picture will have little or no effect on weight.  But it is just one meal. It's not the beginning of a binge. It is not a sign of the end. There will be no wound or scar.

If you are struggling, I understand. I spent many years doing what you are doing and feeling like you are feeling. I was fat in high school (250 lb.), I starved weight off down to slim and gained it back. I lost my weight twice with Weight Watchers and gained it back. I am now 62 and have finally won. I don't want any of you to take as long as I did to get it right. I am the eternal optimist and kept on fighting. Don't give up on yourself but also don't keep giving in to self-sabotage. It has to stop and the sooner the better. Nothing good can happen from doing unhealthy things.

In my opinion you should absolutely give up sugar in all its many forms as much as is possible. We know the obvious culprits - pies, cakes, candy, cookies, etc., but we all need to be aware of some of the tricks used to market "diet" foods - fat free can still be high in sugar/carbs. This is so important. Sugar is toxic. It creates heat in your body which is inflammation. Become a label reader. If the ingredient ends in -ose it is a sugar. It should be no higher than the 4th or 5th ingredient and if you start eating more whole foods that will be pretty much taken care of. This is the first thing you should do.

The next thing you should do is get the water in. Pace yourself through the day with it. I have read that you should divide your weight in half and that is the amount in ounces of water you should drink each day. Do it. At the very least get in the 8 - 10 glasses a day that we often see recommended.

Exercise. While you can lose weight without exercising building muscle will raise your metabolic rate and that will be a big help. Three to five times a week is recommended. You don't have to kill yourself. I read of many people who start out with hard workouts every day and they either burn out or injure themselves. You must build up to higher levels of working out. Lifting weights is the best way to build muscle. You can use your own body weight for the resistance necessary to build muscle. I read the 5 best exercises you can do are lunges, sit ups, pull ups, push ups, and planks. You might check out the video from my No. Fat Burning Exercise from a few days ago.

You should next work on the starches. Whole grains are good but they are still starches and should be limited. Educate yourself if you haven't already. Find a blogger who has done it or is having a high level of success and hook up with them.  Fruits can have a high carbohydrate count. Some are worse than others. All berries are low carb friendly and so is cantaloupe. Watermelon is high in sugar as are bananas. I think carrots are the highest sugar content in the vegetable family. There are also starchy vegetables like peas, corn, and lima beans. Eat nothing white - white flour, white sugar, white rice, etc.

I may be preaching to the choir here but I personally think the single best thing you can do for yourself right now is giving up the sugar. Nothing good comes from eating sugar. You can do better.

Take care.


  1. The choir's listening and nodding in agreement. :) You gotta love the "dieters" who start "dreading" the holiday season in July (I've already encountered some rumblings about it, seriously! Instead of just controlling today, some are already projecting not "if" but "how badly" they're going to fall off the wagon in the fall). It is like once they've gotten that Halloween candy binge out of the way it's just a race to the finish line on New Year's Eve to see how much havoc they can wreak in eight weeks of parties and family dinners. Like you said, gatherings and events where the food served isn't up to us will always be a part of life. What we choose to do (bring our own food, completely avoid some of the offerings, limit our quantities of others -- see the event as more than just a reason overeat, most importantly) IS always up to us. Enjoy your exercise, Myra.

    1. Choosing what to do IS up to us but so many adopt the "victim" mentality. I think if they are truly honest with themselves they really want the overeating because they have what seems to them a perfectly good reason. "What could I do?" They rationalize and make excuses. I would rather they just said, "It's the holidays and I am going to eat what I want." They would probably do better than trying to play the game of acting like they are going to abstain, fighting for a while, and then giving in and making it a complete disaster. Ask me how I know. Be careful out there today.

  2. It's OK to preach to the choir :)

    And I have enough challenge taking care of myself to "worry" about what others do. Hopefully by quiet, consistent habits of health and wellness, I am a "lighthouse" to those who are adrift and truly searching.

    What a great picture of you in the sidebar, Myra! Keep working your plan & let us know what you think about turtle meat :)

    1. I probably worry about others too much but I know how miserable it is to feel "trapped" in the fat and try to help them see a way out. You are right, we do need to model good behavior when it comes to health/wellness. People who claim Christ should not be obese. It has taken me a long time to come to that conclusion. Have a great day and I will let you know about the turtle meat!

  3. Great post.

    I have finally gotten to the point where I can eat a little off plan and not have it completely derail me for days or a week on end. It has taken a lot of practice to get to this point. But I always feel proud of myself when I can get through a social situation and keep my control.

    Turtle, huh? I'll be interested to know how that was!!

    1. Thanks Jenn. Now you know you can stay in control in social situations. Just don't push your luck or think "just this once won't hurt". We still have to be vigilant and know our limitations and how much risk we can handle. We will never be able to eat with "thinking". It's OK. There are worse things. Be careful out there today.

    2. I meant "without thinking" - ooops

  4. Nice post! Sounds like you have a great handle on this whole thing, good job! I go back and forth.. and especially struggle when I'm not in control of the menu. I fall into that "oh well, today's is an off day" and then it just pushes me further back. You made some good points tho, thanks!

    1. Thank you. I do have a handle on it now but it wasn't always that way as you read above. Don't forfeit years of future health for things that do you harm physically. I can't recommend low carb highly enough. If you are going back and forth, do you truly want to lose your extra weight? You can't have your cake and eat it too - some things have got to go and I recommend it to be sugar for your first step. Take care.