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Wednesday, July 18, 2012



Interesting information here on agave. I thought it was a good sweetener but according to this author, NOT. I have a large bottle of it if anybody wants it. I think we all already know to avoid fructose in all its forms as much as possible but this article also reinforces that.

I will miss aerobics this morning. One of the guys called and his company car won't start so I will be helping him with the route starting over here in Indiana. He will do the Ohio ones once he gets it started. I guess I will do the video from my last post today and get started on my reps for that. I am interested to see how many I can do before pooping out. I am sure you will be on the edge of your seats until I let you know how many I was able to do. :-) Take care.

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  1. Hope you got in a good workout! Keep focused!