Weight loss support with a spiritual element. I will keep you posted on my journey in the hopes that you will join me in becoming the person God wants you to be. Don't worry about being religious. Come as you are.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Self-Inflicted Wounds

Wounds inflicted by others are sometimes very difficult to heal. Sometimes they leave a scar. What about the ones we inflict on ourselves? Sometimes we even rub salt in the wound.

As I travel around and read about situations bloggers find themselves in it seems like they knew beforehand what they would have to face so they resigned themselves to being off plan for the event and if they are going to be off plan for the event they might as well do it up right.

Tonight I will be tasting turtle for the first time. I was out in the back yard and noticed what looked like an army helmet over in the damp soil in the flower bed at the end of my clothes line. Upon closer inspection I determined it was a snapping turtle from our neighbor's pond. She was planning on laying her eggs there evidently. We have a friend who came out and got the turtle. He butchered it and tonight I will be tasting turtle. Wish me luck.

There will be three couples there and we always pitch in for the side dishes and dessert. I know many would say take something sensible so there will be something there that is low carb friendly. I am going to take green bean casserole and will be baking some bread today to take along. The other friend is making a cheesy potato casserole and banana pudding. Not exactly low carb. The hostess is doing the turtle and I think she is making some mini-meatloaves.

I am not a purist and think we have to live in the real world and deal with social situations in a sensible manner. I am no big fan of banana pudding so that will be easy to pass up. I will have some turtle so I can say I have tasted turtle. I will have a spoon of the potatoes and a spoon of the green bean casserole. I haven't decided on the home made bread - I'll probably have a slice and leave the rest of the loaf there. My recipe makes two loaves so there will be one at home which Duane and Nathan will eat pretty quickly. It doesn't bother me.

This is what I am NOT going to do - take the day off because I am not in charge of the evening menu. I am also NOT going to see how much I can eat because it's there and because I am bad and therefore a failure. I will NOT come home and get into the ice cream in the freezer, the potato chips in the cabinet, and the candy in the refrigerator. There will be no blog post detailing the day's indiscretions. There will be no starting over just a continuation of a plan that works for me. I will exercise in the morning and my breakfast will be my usual raisin bran muffin and lunch will probably be light - leftover quinoa that I made for my meal last night.

Leaving off the banana pudding will be the single biggest factor in not triggering that craving, panic type of hunger that I have described before. Sugar does that to me.

Tomorrow will be my raisin bran muffin for breakfast, step aerobics with my exercise buddy (she is the one bringing the banana pudding and the cheesy potatoes), lunch will be a big salad, and I don't know about supper yet. I will not have been struck by lightening, the diet Nazi's will not have knocked on my door, and this evening's food will not be used as a whip for a self-inflicted wound. It's just food.

It has taken years of stops and starts to get to where I can just eat a meal that is off plan for me. It's just one meal and in the big picture will have little or no effect on weight.  But it is just one meal. It's not the beginning of a binge. It is not a sign of the end. There will be no wound or scar.

If you are struggling, I understand. I spent many years doing what you are doing and feeling like you are feeling. I was fat in high school (250 lb.), I starved weight off down to slim and gained it back. I lost my weight twice with Weight Watchers and gained it back. I am now 62 and have finally won. I don't want any of you to take as long as I did to get it right. I am the eternal optimist and kept on fighting. Don't give up on yourself but also don't keep giving in to self-sabotage. It has to stop and the sooner the better. Nothing good can happen from doing unhealthy things.

In my opinion you should absolutely give up sugar in all its many forms as much as is possible. We know the obvious culprits - pies, cakes, candy, cookies, etc., but we all need to be aware of some of the tricks used to market "diet" foods - fat free can still be high in sugar/carbs. This is so important. Sugar is toxic. It creates heat in your body which is inflammation. Become a label reader. If the ingredient ends in -ose it is a sugar. It should be no higher than the 4th or 5th ingredient and if you start eating more whole foods that will be pretty much taken care of. This is the first thing you should do.

The next thing you should do is get the water in. Pace yourself through the day with it. I have read that you should divide your weight in half and that is the amount in ounces of water you should drink each day. Do it. At the very least get in the 8 - 10 glasses a day that we often see recommended.

Exercise. While you can lose weight without exercising building muscle will raise your metabolic rate and that will be a big help. Three to five times a week is recommended. You don't have to kill yourself. I read of many people who start out with hard workouts every day and they either burn out or injure themselves. You must build up to higher levels of working out. Lifting weights is the best way to build muscle. You can use your own body weight for the resistance necessary to build muscle. I read the 5 best exercises you can do are lunges, sit ups, pull ups, push ups, and planks. You might check out the video from my No. Fat Burning Exercise from a few days ago.

You should next work on the starches. Whole grains are good but they are still starches and should be limited. Educate yourself if you haven't already. Find a blogger who has done it or is having a high level of success and hook up with them.  Fruits can have a high carbohydrate count. Some are worse than others. All berries are low carb friendly and so is cantaloupe. Watermelon is high in sugar as are bananas. I think carrots are the highest sugar content in the vegetable family. There are also starchy vegetables like peas, corn, and lima beans. Eat nothing white - white flour, white sugar, white rice, etc.

I may be preaching to the choir here but I personally think the single best thing you can do for yourself right now is giving up the sugar. Nothing good comes from eating sugar. You can do better.

Take care.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Easier Week

They don't need me to work extra this week so I am going to enjoy a little freedom and more time to get things done around here.

I had my raisin bran muffin for breakfast from the recipe I tweaked to make it low-carb friendly.

Went to step aerobics with my exercise buddy.

Had a huge salad for lunch. Quick tip: I buy those organic salads that are in a clear plastic tub. I like my greens in small edible pieces so while still in the tub I use scissors to keep cutting through it until the greens are in the small pieces I want. One of my biggest gripes when going out and ordering a salad is that the vegetables are in such big pieces. Slows me down (but that could be a good thing). I had a low-carb fruit cup for dessert. I clean out the refrigerator when I make a salad so in addition to the greens, I had 1/2 an avocado on it, sunflower seeds, sliced almonds, 2 slices crisp bacon (bacon makes everything better), feta cheese, onions, tomatoes, a carrot, bell pepper, ranch dressing. I know that ranch isn't the best choice but it's my favorite. Taste is so important as far as being satisfied is concerned. Chewing contributes to satisfaction as well. I don't like meals I drink - diet shakes, smoothies, something juiced just don't do it for me. I feel all virtuous if I choose something green and drinkable but the hunger is not really helped much at all.

I have never tried quinoa and have had some for quite a while. I am going to run down a recipe and try that for supper.

It's hot here and still hasn't rained. I will be spending the evening watering - oh joy.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


I have added a recent picture - 30 minutes ago. I am not as good as many of you are with the picture thing. I am in the low 180's here. Just to let you know I am walking the talk (I think that is how it is said). I have about 25 pounds to go!!

Sunday Morning

Here is today's reading from Emmet Fox:

It's called "Maintaining the Mental Equivalent"

There is an instructive legend of the Middle Ages. It seems that a certain citizen was arrested by one of the barons and shut up in a dungeon by a ferocious looking jailer who carried a great key. The door of his cell shut with a bang. He lay in the dark dungeon for twenty years. Each day the big door would be opened with a great creaking; water and bread would be thrust in and the door closed again.

After twenty years the prisoner decided that he wanted to die but he did not want to commit suicide, so the next day when the jailer came he would attack him, and the jailer would then kill him. In preparation he thought he should examine the door, so he turned the handle, and to his amazement the door opened. He found that there was no lock. He groped along the corridor and felt his way upstairs. At the top of the stairs two soldiers were chatting, and they made no attempt to stop him. He crossed the great yard. There was an armed guard on the drawbridge but paid no attention to him, and he walked out a free man. He went home unmolested. He had been a captive, not of stone and iron, but of false belief. He had only thought he was locked in.

Bring my soul out of prison, that I may praise Thy name; the righteous shall compass me about; for Thou shalt deal bountifully with me (Psalm 142:7).

There is so much symbolism here. I am going to let you ponder this and think about your own jailer and your own prison. The key has special symbolism I think. It doesn't have to be that way if you are struggling. You will find if you read this several times, each time will bring some new realization to you.

We create our own prisons in our minds. We can change our lives by changing our minds. Think deeply about that.

We have some bloggers who don't mince words and bloggers who take a more gentle approach. It's all good. It seems like some come down pretty hard on others. We need that sometimes don't you think?

I was thinking this morning about teachers. Which teachers are the ones you remember and are thankful for the most? Was it the ones with high expectations? Was it the ones who had good classroom management skills (known back in the day as discipline). Did they expect and receive respect?

We had a math teacher and an English teacher at Eastern Hancock who were hard on the students. The math teacher did not spoon feed. If the content had been taught before he did not take class time to teach it over again. If students did not listen or didn't care enough to master the former content it was their problem. The English teacher did not listen to whining about how hard or long the assignments were. She had high expectations. Guess what? Those were the two teachers that students came back from college and thanked. They told them they were ready for college level work because of the instruction and expectations of these two teachers. These two teachers even took heat from parents because their little darlings were being pushed too hard in their opinion. These two teachers held their ground with parents as well (as you might expect). We also had a drill team sponsor who took our little school that graduated maybe 80 students a year to a national championship.  Do you think she cared if they had a headache? She even weighed the girls and expected and received "compliance".

I guess my point is we learn the most and go the farthest with the people who don't let us get by with being slackers. We need to have the same expectations of ourselves as do these others who seem like they just don't understand. They do but they also know we have to get past our self-imposed limitations in order to get the job done.

Have a wonderful, blessed Sunday my friends.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Fat Serenity

This term was used in one of my readings as I was catching up while waiting in the armored truck. I wrote it down but forgot to note which of the authors it was from - C. S. Lewis, Emmett Fox, or OA. I think it sounds like OA.

It was defined thus:  Many people don't want honest answers insofar as honest means unpleasant or disturbing. They want a soft answer that turns away anxiety.

I really don't read too many blogs or follow very many people. I just haven't found too many blogs where there is much I care to read. Some bloggers really have issues and seem to repeat the cycle repeatedly (is that redundant?) I know they seem to be trying and they seem to want to be successful and I hope they are but they keep going back to the same method that hasn't worked yet so why do they keep going back to it? Then there are the ones who keep trying to tweak the system. They are going to weigh every day. They aren't going to weigh for a month or longer. They are going to write down everything they eat. They are going to quit journaling. They are going to have a cheat day - is that just doing what is normal for them for a day and then going right back to the abnormal world of eating right? A cheat day would do me in for sure. It is just too hard to get back with the program. At this point though I will say I have no desire or need for a cheat day. Low carb has cured that. Many people run back to Weight Watchers. While WW has its place I think there are too many carbs allowed. Unlimited fruit can mean too many carbs and then there is that craving, panic to eat which only the strong survive. Along with unlimited fruit is some allowance for bread and then there are optional points which could be used for something of a carb nature. Weight Watchers does provide some boundaries and rules but they are someone else's boundaries and rules. WW might be helpful until a person can get it together emotionally but I really haven't noticed that too much. There are people at goal weight and maintaining with WW so it is working for some. I don't want to take away from the success of these people. If it has gotten you the weight loss you wanted and there is maintenance going on I support you 100%.

So people pour out their hearts in their blog and detail every sinful thing. Don't come down on them too hard or the lower lip will quiver and their fat serenity will be destroyed.  They are feeling anxious and guilty about what they have done and want it validated and explained away. Mental gymnastics was a term I also read while catching up. It seems appropriate here.

Back to the addiction thing from a while back. I think if addiction as the situation gives a person a framework from which to operate, then call it an addiction. Addictions have treatments and methods of recovery and addicted people need a program that provides them the safety they need and a way out. Go for it.

Something I am really liking about this 45 lb. loss is wearing a belt. Belts were not worn - ever. Now when I walk up to the glass door at the banks when I turn in deposits I like the way I look. I have a waist. I don't look like a bag of doorknobs anymore. People are calling me skinny and telling me I have lost enough. I have about 25 or 30 lb. to go for crying out loud. I am also loving that my thighs don't rub together anymore. I remember wearing out all jeans there first. No more of that.

Hope you are all doing well.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This 'N That

While sitting in the armored truck while Anthony goes in and replenishes ATM's I have been catching up on my daily readings. I have three on my Kindle. Daily readings are inspiring to me and I have the one by Emmett Fox, C.S. Lewis, and OA. I was behind and am now caught up on the first two and will probably get caught up on the OA one tomorrow.

Still trying to get pity--I have been getting up at 4 a.m. to drive a little over two hours to get there, drive/sit all day, drive home and I have been getting home about 6 p.m. Long day. Tomorrow it's over. I did do 15 more of the No. 1 Fat Burning Exercise yesterday and wasn't quite so sore. I am sure the stretching helped. I have also made more of my egg salad with avocado in it.

I liked the statement I read about "drying tears, scouring stains".  We can all probably relate that to our lives at some time or another. Tears are liquid prayers and most of us have shed many of them I am sure. Stains could be the mistakes we have made and regret. We just have to accept that that was probably the best we could do at the time. I try to forgive others by thinking that of them when I have felt slighted or mistreated. Stains are hard to get out aren't they?

I liked one of the readings from Emmett Fox on prayer - "We certainly cannot expect to go on breaking the laws of the plane on which we live, and expect prayer to compensate for this foolishness." I have noticed Christians saying that God looks on the heart, He loves me like I am, and other such platitudes.  There are verses that also talk about idolatry and greed - read Ephesians 5:5 - what does the disobedient heart look like? God does what we cannot do for ourselves, not what we can do. We can control our eating and our activity if we make that choice.

One of the OA readings had a saying to begin with - "Pray to God, but continue to row to shore" - Russian proverb.

Another - "It is better to begin in the evening than not at all" - English proverb - It came to me that people want some kind of demarcation for beginning fresh and new. That's why they wait for tomorrow or Monday or January 1 - they need a finish line for the craziness so they run really hard to get all the food in they can before that magic finish line - I know, I've done it. Gwen Shamblin of the Weigh Down Workshop says to push your "restart" button - waiting until Monday means we really don't want to do it. Start now. I have said that myself but I have needed a new day or a new week myself. It was just a way of making what I was doing at the moment (stuffing my face) seem OK somehow.

Where I am today is a fine place to start. Remember we would not have to start over if we would quit stopping.

I'll probably have more material after a day in the armored truck again tomorrow.

Be careful out there.

If you have a personal trainer or are one - there are some cute gifts here:


Monday, July 23, 2012

Avocado Part 2

I took my blood pressure yesterday and it was 125/76. I have been eating avocados. I love those things. :-)

This is the only change I can think of in my life lately.

Thanks to all of you avocado lovers out there who took the time to comment. I have a new attitude towards those little green, good fat vegetables. I can certainly deal with mushiness to get blood pressure readings like that. My ears are not ringing like they were too. Send along any avocado recipes you have please.

Today I have step aerobics and am on call beginning at 3 p.m. I have a friend coming over who wants me to show her how to free motion quilt. It's quite a challenge to do that. I am finally getting the hang of it. Getting the "feel" of moving the quilt in time with the machine stitching takes practice.

I will be spending the next three days driving 2.5 hours each way to Columbus, Ohio, to drive an armored truck. Long days and then I will be coming home to the chore of watering. Is this drought ever going to end?

Friday, July 20, 2012


I have been eating avocados because of their beneficial effects on blood pressure.

It's too bad they have no taste. All I taste is mush. Anybody out there with me? I know a lot of people love guacamole but I have to say they are tasting the seasonings not the avocado. My husband loves fried zucchini and I told him he was tasting the breading and the fat and not so much the zucchini.

So I have been dicing up an avocado on my salads and dealing with eating mush. I was making some egg salad just now and decided to dice up an avocado in it - WOW - it's good. I used four hard boiled eggs, a packet of fat free mayonnaise from the Army that Nathan brought home with him, some of my home made zucchini relish (which is wonderful), and the avocado. It's really good. Egg salad is supposed to be mushy; salads should be crunchy I think. I am tasting my relish because avocado has no taste :-)

I am still sore from those No. 1 Fat Burning Exercises I did the other day. I forgot the importance of stretching before and after exercising. I went to step aerobics today and noticed how much it lessened the soreness because of the stretching. I will do the exercises again tomorrow but will be careful to do those "Sun Salutes" before I start and do some stretching when done. I would like to be able to hold a plank position for 2 minutes like the book by Martina Navratilova recommends. I can do maybe 15 seconds. Those are one of the best exercises to do according to what I have read. I might do those first as a way to get my muscles ready for the Fat Burning Exercise.

I need to weigh myself again. Last time I weighed I had lost 2 lb. of the 5 lb. I gained from the "drift" that occurs when we take our eyes off the ball. I really think it was too much fruit and eating too much of the right things.

We spent $154 on the cat today. I don't remember spending that much on our kids. Noggin has a cold (I didn't know cats could get a cold). She needed to be vaccinated and wormed and get a rabies shot. They treated her to prevent fleas, and we got some more pain pills for Sarge. He is limping due to rapid growth and soft bones which is pretty common.

Be careful out there today.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My First Session

I was able to do 15 of the "No. 1 Fat Burning Exercise" (see a couple posts back if you don't know what this is).  I don't know if I should do them faster for more of an aerobic effect or more slowly for the muscle effect. I think I would rather build more muscle because that affects the resting metabolic rate. Who doesn't want to burn more calories just sitting still? The front of my thighs are where I feel it the most. Now if it doesn't make my back hurt, I'm good to go. I didn't think to take some Ibuprofen before I did this to help prevent the back pain. I'll remember next time.

I have to run the route tomorrow and pick up son #1 at the airport. He is back from Washington state where he has been training ROTC recruits. He has been gone 6 weeks. The grocery bill is about to double. He is in the Army and is a weight lifter. When home, he does all the laundry and hangs it out. He does all the dishes and a lot of the cooking. We have enough wood for winter heat for at least 3 winters because he loves to cut wood.

Still no rain here. Still carrying watering cans all over the creation. Surely it will rain soon.

I went in for a nurse check of my blood pressure and it was 138/76 - so so so much better. It was 193 on the top amount a month ago. Perhaps I can pass the DOT physical now for driving the company car and armored trucks. They only gave me a 3 month extension because it was in the 160's over the 90's when I went for the physical - bummer. The limit to pass is 140 on the top.

Take care.



Interesting information here on agave. I thought it was a good sweetener but according to this author, NOT. I have a large bottle of it if anybody wants it. I think we all already know to avoid fructose in all its forms as much as possible but this article also reinforces that.

I will miss aerobics this morning. One of the guys called and his company car won't start so I will be helping him with the route starting over here in Indiana. He will do the Ohio ones once he gets it started. I guess I will do the video from my last post today and get started on my reps for that. I am interested to see how many I can do before pooping out. I am sure you will be on the edge of your seats until I let you know how many I was able to do. :-) Take care.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

No. 1 Fat Burning Exercise


I have downloaded this and will be using it when I can't get to aerobics. I have a small house so I like that this doesn't take much room to do. I will start out with maybe 5 or 10 and work up to whatever seems like a good amount.

You may want to do the same!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday, Monday

There was a song by that name back in the day. I weighed myself this morning and have regained 5 lb. Yikes! I haven't been weighing myself and haven't been exercising like I was. I generally wouldn't report that because people like me who like to tell others what to do sometimes don't take their own advice. It is always embarrassing to admit slip-ups but today after weighing (at least I am not out of my new digit) I decided to wait for a really strong growl which didn't happen until about noon. I am composing this at about 5 p.m. and still no growl so whatever. I kept telling myself today that it didn't matter if I didn't eat all morning. It doesn't matter if I bypass hunger even. I haven't been getting in my water like I should either. What did I expect? I haven't been eating sugars and carbs. I have just been eating my same usual things just not waiting until hunger and just eating because they were low carb. I think part of the problem is eating too much fruit. The peaches at the Amish store are wonderful. They are called "Contender" and I have ordered a tree for our yard. Watermelons must have a high sugar content because the next day after eating more watermelon than I should have the night before I had that craving, panic type of hunger and associated it with the watermelon. I read the cantaloupe is low-carb friendly so I have switched to that. My dad was diabetic and I remember Mom saying his sugar went sky high after he ate watermelon once.

This is the main danger of low-carb eating for me. It's easy to eat too much because there are lots of things that are very low-carb and eating them can still be kept within the range but eating too much. I guess I should weigh more often until things are back on track. I was down to 182.5 and looking forward to a new digit. This morning I weighed 187.5 - dang my hide. I was going to post a new picture when I got into the next digit. I have just delayed that now for a bit.

I could whine and talk about carrying a watering can in each hand all over the yard which should make up for not exercising. We are talking 10 or 12 trips from refilling to areas needing watered back in the back of the yard and out of reach of the sprinklers.

Whining wouldn't help much though would it?

I need to blog a little more often. I have been feeling like I had to have something profound to say first. I like Dr. James Merritt on Sunday morning. He was talking about second chances and how we will say that everybody deserves a second chance. None of us deserves a second chance. We get chance after chance after chance when it comes to weight loss and health don't we? When are all our chances used up? Is that why we mess around? There's always another chance (or so we think). This knowledge makes this chance less important. When we have lots of something, we don't value it as much.

Our Garden/Home tour went fine. The heat kept a lot of people away. Don and Libby owned one of the properties on the tour. He is very active and has created a beautiful yard. She is fat and lazy. She sits in the house and watches TV or works puzzles. He would love for her to do things with him but she is to the point where she can't even if she wanted to. She has an oxygen tank and fights to breath. She is digging her grave with a knife and fork. She cannot climb any steps. She has to hang on to things because she is so weak from not being able to breath. I see her and thank God I caught it before it got anywhere near that bad.

It is so sad to see people trading life for food like Libby has done. We went to a birthday party and she had to walk a short distance from the car to the house. When she got inside she had to lean against the wall to catch her breath. There were no steps - just a very slight incline up the driveway. The greatest sadness is she could change this but values food and eating more. It's sad but it's hard to feel sorry for someone who chooses to be that way.

Anyway - it's back to being serious and more disciplined for me. Hope you are doing better than I have been doing.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Diss the Dissonance

I have been thinking about cognitive dissonance and mulling over in my mind how to put that into a post that would influence your and my behavior. My minor in college was psychology and I taught it at the high school level for a few years. It has always fascinated me how our minds can be powerful enough to heal our bodies. Our minds can also take us to hell on earth. Being a Christian, I believe our minds are where the Spirit is expressed in our lives.


Our cognitions are our thoughts, bits of information, facts, etc. As this article points out, when two of our cognitions are dissonant, such as wanting ice cream and losing weight, we try to resolve the dissonance.

Here is a very meaningful part of the article:

There are several key ways in which people attempt to overcome, or do away with, cognitive dissonance. One is by ignoring or eliminating the dissonant cognitions. By pretending that ice cream is not bad for me, I can have my cake and eat it too, so to speak. Ignoring the dissonant cognition allows us to do things we might otherwise view as wrong or inappropriate.

Another way to overcome cognitive dissonance is to alter the importance (or lack thereof) of certain cognitions. By either deciding that ice cream is extremely good (I can't do without it) or that losing weight isn't that important (I look good anyway), the problem of dissonance can be lessened. If one of the dissonant cognitions outweighs the other in importance, the mind has less difficulty dealing with the dissonance -- and the result means that I can eat my ice cream and not feel bad about it.

Does any of this sound familiar or is this something you have overcome?

We have all fought this battle - we want to overeat or eat the wrong things and we want to lose weight. What determines the choice we make? How do we resolve this dissonance?  How do we "make up our minds"? Have you ever known someone who cannot make a decision? Those people drive me nuts. In the second paragraph above the words "if one of the dissonant cognitions outweighs the other in importance" are pretty meaningful. If overeating is more important than losing weight, we will overeat. If losing weight is more important than overeating, we will not overeat.

Let's truly diss the dissonance and make up our minds to do what's most important, not what is the easiest.

Blogging has been scarce I know. We are in a terrible drought and I am going to have to have watering cans amputated from the ends of my arms for sure. I have lost so much in my yard. I lost my pink dogwood (and I was watering the durn thing). My twisty baby locust tree is brown and crispy (paid $140 for it and it was 3 years old). My red horse chestnut is also brown and crispy (paid $90 for that), and my hemlock has died (6 years old). This is in addition to the three fruit trees we had to cut down and a mimosa tree that died. My ninebark bush died as well. The lack of rain is getting pretty discouraging and we don't know how safe it is with the well. We had our well "witched" and the guy who did it said we hit an underground lake and could run a motel here so we are counting on that.

I have also been working extra but get home at 2 p.m. so that leaves time to carry water to the things that the sprinklers miss. We have bought more sprinklers and leave them stationary and take hoses to them alternating areas in the yard each day.

The kicker is I am still planting things and remodeling areas of the yard. I need my head examined don't you think? Let's see, the cognitive dissonance here would be I am sick of carrying water and I love planting things and watching them grow.

Take care.

Thursday, July 5, 2012



This is another plug for low-carb eating. I do not consider myself Paleo because of the dairy I eat. I do enjoy some cheese and some yogurt.

And this:


Both of these bits of information will serve you well as you consider how and what you eat. I especially love the maintenance benefits of low-carb eating as described in the second article. I posted earlier about an authority who stated that when adding back foods for maintenance benefits - do not add back carbs.

It just makes sense. I have had people tell me that low-carb eating doesn't work for them. I would have to take issue with that. Unless there is some medical condition it does work because metabolism is pretty much accomplished the same way for all. There are variables such as muscle mass, lifestyle, and such but it does work. These people who tell me it doesn't work for them are not having success with what they are doing either so I have to think the problem is effort.

The beauty of low-carb eating for me was that I didn't have to go hungry. I had a couple of false starts because my obese brain got to thinking h'mmmm if this has none or very few carbs I can eat all I want of it. We still need to eat when we are hungry and stop when full. I do have to confess that I don't wait for the growl all the time. It does happen but I am so tired of fighting to wait to eat. I eat almonds, walnuts, or hard boiled eggs for snacks. Sometimes it is an orange or banana but I usually go for the protein.

Hunger is different now. It is not the disturbing, craving, panic that I felt when still eating so many carbs. This is described in article one above. Hunger now is an empty, hollow feeling.

We went to a Fourth of July family cook out today and I had a hot dog and a cheeseburger - both without the bun. There was a vegetable tray there so I loaded up on that. There were deviled eggs and bowl of mixed, fresh fruit so there was dessert. I took water to drink. No problem.

I will have a salad for supper. I listen to a radio show about health and the doctor said his mother needed knee replacement surgery but the doctors would not do the surgery because of her blood pressure which was 170 on the top (sounds like mine some days). He told her to cut back on sugar and carbs and eat 1/2 of an avocado a day. Her blood pressure went down to 130. I am doing that now because my blood pressure still is not under control. I am already cutting back on sugar and carbs so I am hoping the avocado makes a difference.

Take care.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day

"Personal responsibility is the price of liberty." -- Michael Cloud 

"A free society cannot work unless people take charge of their lives and assume responsibility for their actions." -- Jim Powell 

My sister at jensgyrations.blogspot. com had these two quotes on her blog today. How appropriate for the situation we now find America to be in and how appropriate for our personal lives which ultimately contribute to the situation we now find America to be in.

Personal responsibility IS the price for our liberation from obesity. We are not addicted. We already have to have food to survive. Personal responsibility is the price and it is non-negotiable. We cannot follow someone else's rules; we cannot order food that is prepackaged because we don't want to be responsible for those choices ourselves; we don't have to eat refined sugar in its many forms; we can move more and drink more water. Today can be the day - regardless of what has been done in the past whether it be poor dieting, surgeries, lap bands, yo-yo dieting - there is still life and hope and we are all free to walk away from our destructive habits. A gal at one of the banks where I deliver deposits has noticed my weight loss and I have told her how I did it and have encouraged her to cut back her carbs, exercise, and drink plenty of water.  On my way out yesterday she screwed up her face and told me, "I can't give up my ice cream and my pasta" - really? - I told her the correct word was "won't" not "can't". We want to have our cake and eat it too. We want to lose weight and eat what we want.

Will we take charge of our lives and assume responsibility? Stay fat if you want to. That is the only conclusion that can be drawn when someone continues to do the things that cause the obesity. I am well aware of the role of emotions in all this. I battled binge eating for years. I know how it feels. I just kept fighting. The binges became less severe and farther apart. Now I no longer binge.

Dependency is a growing problem in America. Have you heard about the parties given to inform and encourage people to get on food stamps? There are more people on food stamps now than ever before. Those are Democratic votes though and that is the important thing to them. A government that is big enough to give us everything we want is big enough to take everything we have. When Americans decide to expect personal responsibility (and it starts at a very young age) things will turn around. We have people on food stamps who would be working if we had an economy that encouraged business which means jobs. We have a government that has spent us into oblivion and now wants the rich and businesses to bail it out. If the wealth of all our rich were combined it wouldn't make much of a dent in the debt America has - borrowing 40 cents of every dollar we spend from China? Ridiculous. What really burns me is the liberals have spent and borrowed and when conservatives are willing to make the tough decisions to turn it around, they are accused of taking away social security, letting the handicapped fend for themselves, wanting dirty air and water, leaving people unprotected and on it goes. This administration has had no budget for three years. How can they live within a budget they do not have? It's going to be time to have the discussions over raising the debt ceiling again soon. Should be interesting. Cuts in spending will be characterized as heartless and cruel. A collapsed economy won't be much fun either. 

I am going to stop on the political stuff. Liberty from obesity is ours to have. No more dependency. I just have to sing the praises of low-carb again. If there is an easy way to lose weight with very little hunger, this is it.  Drinking water must become second nature and the attitude toward exercise should start with "Just Do It" and end with "Just Did It".

Have a wonderful, blessed Fourth of July.