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Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Smug Beach Diet


I got this idea from my sister's blog - jensgyrations.blogspot.com

Just some interesting reading. I liked reading the comments. I do know people who are all about going green, saving the planet, and all that. It seems to me they do a lot of it for the attention - they are the standard by which we all are judged. They are arrogant liberals. Don't get me wrong - I think recycling is a good thing and we should not pollute. If they want to be vegan, ride their bicycles, and go organic I think that's great. There is no need to be a snob about it.

On another note: From the June issue of Reader's Digest: WEIGHTY NEWS - Heart attack at the Heart Attack Grill. This place has been in the news. This is pretty high on the stupid meter - right up there with eating contests and drinking contests in my opinion.

At a Las Vegas eatery where diners don hospital gowns and the menu offers "bypass" burgers and "flatliner" fries, it's no wonder people thought a patron having a heart attack while eating at the Heart Attack Grill earlier this year was a stunt. It wasn't.

Owner Jon Basso told CBS News that many restaurants serve unhealthful food; he's just honest about it. And could eating one "triple-bypass burger" really cause a heart attack? "Maybe," says David Katz, MD, director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center. "Because of acute effects on blood flow, one very unhealthful meal can precipitate a heart attack in someone with coronary disease." In this case, the patient survived, but so did the restaurant's tongue-in-cheek marketing. "It's supposed to be "funny" that they serve "heart attack food," but when you or someone you love has a heart attack, I'm pretty sure it's not funny--at all," says Dr. Katz.

The more you weigh, the more you play: As part of a promotion earlier this year, the Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino in Hallandale Beach, Florida, awarded gamers 10 cents of free slot machine play for each pound they weighed. And if visitors wanted to fatten up before weighing in and earn more cash they could help themselves to free Krispy Kreme doughnuts provided by the casino, reported the Sun Sentinel. The number of treats you'd have to eat to earn just $1 of playtime: 180.

Where to start--

Do you see how easily we give over the rules and boundaries of eating to things like having fun at a restaurant like the Heart Attack Grill or getting more money for slot machines? Some will use their bodies as trash cans for things that can kill them.

Hunger and fullness are thrown out the window and I'll bet dollars to doughnuts (no pun intended) that most of these people are men. It's more macho for men to do things like this and there isn't the social stigma for obese men than there is for obese women. It is mindless to intentionally doing things like this. It is not like being caught off guard and making a poor choice. It isn't like being upset and using food for comfort. This is choosing to be sick and unhealthy and feeling bad from too much food and/or too much sugar. These are the same people who will sue the restaurant or the casino for the consequences of what they chose to do. True story - a burglar was in a home stealing a window air conditioner. He was electrocuted somehow and sued the homeowners for his injuries -- he won.

Amazing. What do you think?

Another nanny state move - Mayor Blumberg (sp?) bans large size drinks.  (from my sister).


  1. (It's Bloomberg.) Can we just have politicians that actually do their job rather than worry one darn bit about what I choose to put in my mouth? I am surrounded by eco-snobs here on the left coast and it is annoying enough that it makes my top three for reasons we are planning to leave as soon as possible. (The other two are cheaper cost of living and more sun.) And yes I am native, but it turns out I just don't fit in. Too much common sense, I think!
    People who worry about what I'm doing with my freedom make me sad. :(

    1. People have to be allowed to suffer the consequences for their actions or we have a nation of fools. Will Bloomberg ban double cheeseburgers next? Maybe he will limit us to one scoop of ice cream - it will never end and of course it will be for our own good. The one defining characteristic of liberals to me is their arrogance. The seem to think they have received some special enlightenment that makes them qualified to tell others how to live. Dependency on government and putting our brains to rest is a very dangerous situation for a country.

    2. Couldn't have said it better myself! I absolutely love and agree with your comment. I also love natural consequences. I will never need the government to babysit me and my brain works best when fully engaged. :)

  2. I need my "Myra Fix"! Missing you. Hope all is well.

    1. It makes me feel good to be missed! I am watering like crazy trying to keep things from dying. But - as you can tell - there is a new post. Perfect timing. Take care.