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Monday, June 18, 2012

Difference of Opinion

Nanny state thinking makes me crazy. This is the same blogger who got all outraged over Paula Deen's diagnosis of diabetes. I posted a few times on that topic as well. See Regulate SugarPaula DeenOur Shadow, and Nanny State and this by said blogger.

I understand that people can crave sugar and that it can cause the desire for more and more and more - but addiction? I have just lost 45 lb. I used low-carb eating and have been very happy with the results. The first thing I did was cut out refined sugar in all its forms. I used to binge; I used to eat sweets like there was no tomorrow; I used to talk about my sweet tooth being the death of me. Was I addicted? No. I think that is a convenient way to excuse not changing self-destructive behaviors. My overeating had its basis in emotions rather than food addiction. I thought addiction was when the person got to the point that his/her body depended on the substance to operate. There has to be medical intervention to get the person off whatever the substance is that they are addicted to gradually. I just quit eating it.

She mentions a study about people eating sugar and their pleasure center in the brain being stimulated - well duh - sugar tastes good. The pleasure center is stimulated during sex, when artists expresses themselves through their art, when an athlete achieves. I wonder if taxpayer dollars funded this. Something that stimulates the pleasure center in the brain does not mean addiction if you ask me. Maybe we should use our brains for thinking things through, for making wise choices, or setting and achieving goals - that should get that pleasure center firing on all pistons don't you think?

She gives Bloomberg two thumbs up for being gutsy and commendable. I think we are just becoming a nation of gluttons. Look at the houses people build, or should I say castles? I truly believe our dependence on foreign oil could be alleviated a great deal if people lived in houses that were what they needed rather than because they had the money to spend. If you consider the number of buildings and houses in America and the cost of heating and cooling these structures, wouldn't it be wise to bring it down a bit? Don't get me wrong, I believe we can build the house we want to build - just saying. How many pairs of shoes do we have? Jeans? Outfits? Purses? Jewelry? I am not holier than thou - I am a glutton when it comes to flowers and quilting fabric. We usually think of gluttony when it comes to food/drink but it applies to many areas of our lives.

So now that Bloomberg has made this gutsy and commendable move, shouldn't he limit cheeseburgers to a single rather than a double cheeseburger? He should also limit ice cream purchases to one scoop rather than two or three. Wasn't Tiger Woods a sex addict as an explanation for his behavior? -where did that come from? :-) So if I am limited to a 12 oz. soft drink rather than a 16 oz. soft drink, could I just buy two 12 oz. drinks if one won't do the trick since I am addicted and must have this sugar that I am supposedly addicted to?

I was listening to the radio as I ran my route and the host was talking about these people at graduation ceremonies who were escorted out because of their loud, unacceptable behavior during the ceremony. I do not go to graduations because of this. The audience is asked to remain quiet during the presentation of diplomas. I know at our graduations before I retired I wanted to get up and choke rude people who just wanted people to look at them as they whooped and hollered when their family member was called forth for the diploma. These people were told ahead of time that this was not going to be acceptable behavior and not to do it. The talk show host said he bet these people were fat. There were call-in's that verified his statements. He talked about fat women with big boobs bouncing as they made fools of themselves and embarrassed their graduate and themselves and yep, it was true. He then went on to talk about self-discipline as it relates to eating and behavior such as this at graduations.

As to the blogger who refuses to regain - it is ridiculous to even entertain the thought that mandates regarding  food will change behavior. People can buy it at the store for crying out loud. This is truly a problem but should be addressed in an entirely different manner. I know it is a strain on our health care system when people develop conditions/diseases from their lifestyles. Self-discipline is developed first at home. Adults set examples for kids. Expectations and follow-through with consequences is sorely lacking in our homes and our schools. We are getting what we deserve- both politically and socially. "Evil triumphs when good people do nothing." - Edmund Burke


  1. Now I know why I like you and your blog so much!

    "I think we are just becoming a nation of gluttons." I believe this is true at so many levels. I call it the "Bigger Barn" mentality referring to the parable Jesus told recorded in the Bible.

    Excuses. Excuses. We use them EVERY day, don't we?

    1. -and excuses come from people not wanting to accept the consequences for their behavior. Rather than doing something about it, they want to make it OK because of some extenuating circumstance that makes their situation special. We all must be aware of our tendency to do this and stop it. Admitting the need to change our behavior rather than hiding behind terms like "addiction" is key.

  2. I like a lot of what you said here. You were brave to be so honest. I am really a live and let live kind of person. So obviously I really believe in natural consequences. I want certain things in this life so I have to work for them and I refuse to live outside of my means. As to the weight, for me it was the horror of having to possibly step into the 'plus size' department or actually hitting 200 lbs. Funny how I was able to hover just below that level. People will do what works for them without having to be embarrassed or have some other type of 'painful' experience.
    BTW, I love big houses and shoes. I throw lots of parties and just dig shoes. As for my personal food plan: I keep within a calorie range while eating more protein, fruits and vegetables without completely eliminating any foods whatsoever. We all have what works for us and I am not at all interested in having political leadership that is interested in what I eat, wear, or how I live.

    1. I used to have a weakness for shoes but not so much anymore. We live in a very average, almost small house. We have to live within our means for sure. Our income dictates how much we can indulge our individual "weaknesses" but there are those who go into debt for a lifestyle which isn't very smart. I eat pretty much like you do now and feel so much better for it. Take care.

  3. I don't disagree with you that regulatory change is not going to be helpful regarding obesity. But I think there's a continuum with food abuse that is similar to that of alcohol abuse. No, not everyone who overeats is an addict, just as not everyone who drinks too much is an alcoholic.

    But some, a small percentage probably, do get to the end of the spectrum where the behavior gets really dysfunctional, as laid out here (see the ABCDEs).

    It's not the overeating that's the sign of addiction, it's the continuing the behavior well past the point where the consequences are harmful that's a clue addiction may be involved.

    1. Thank you for that information. I am reluctant to give this a label that can be used to describe something that can be overcome. When we describe something as out of our control, we are lost and there is that thought guiding us. Perhaps people are addicted to a behavior pattern. I don't know. I know morbidly obese people want a way out of their hopelessness and don't want to be like they are. We all have to do it ourselves. Addiction describes a lot more than it used to I guess. Take care.