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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Group Answer

I usually answer each comment individually but I worked 14.25 hours today (Thursday) and have to do a 300 mile route on Friday.

We all eat food. Abusing it is self-destructive. I know this all too well from first-hand experience. We don't all use cocaine but if we abuse that we will become addicted every time. Abusing alcohol brings about addiction as well. Do people abuse these two substances for emotional reasons as well? I'm sure it may start out that way. The difference is the body can come to depend on these substances to function and medical intervention is necessary or the person may die. I just don't see this happening with eating. There are medical interventions for obesity and better health is the result. We hear of some who have had the intestinal bypass surgery and gain back their weight. Is it because they are still addicted or because the emotional reasons for the overeating were not resolved? This can also be said of the other addictions I just mentioned. It could be argued that this is the same thing and I understand that.

I understand the rationale behind defining addiction as it relates to food. I just don't buy it I guess. I still feel like overeating is emotional at its base and not the result of addiction.

Each of us has to deal with this in the way that suits us best. I just don't want anyone using food addiction as a shield against changing a lifestyle. Life is too precious and we all want to be happy. If you feel you are addicted to food, does that facilitate repeated failures to overcome? We each have to answer that. I truly feel we can change. A trigger food doesn't equal addiction. It used to be peanut butter for me. As I look back I think I was truly craving the protein after dieting in the wrong way.

Good discussion folks. I am sure we are all thinking about this as it relates to our lives.

Be careful out there today.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Addiction or Label?

Beth gave this information on addiction. I appreciate the information. I still have trouble with defining our problem with food/eating as an addiction.

I think of Sean Anderson who has lost a tremendous amount of weight and has written a book - Transformation Road about his recovery. Allan Klein has lost a lot of weight - he got sick of it and is doing something about it. Jeanette Fulda who wrote Half-Assed (great book by the way) and so many others. Could they not have said "I have an addiction" and resigned themselves to being unable to change their lives? Doesn't their past eating behaviors qualify as an addiction by the definition at this web site? Yes. So if I give this the label of addiction do these people prove that an addiction is not a life sentence? Did they beat their addiction or did they refuse that label and change their lives?

Alcohol is addictive, so is cocaine and heroine but these things can be totally eliminated from a person's diet and there is recovery. Refined sugar in all its forms can be eliminated from the diet as well. I was over it within a week or two. We do have to eat and I have heard many obese people use this as proof that overcoming food addiction (if there is such a thing) is even tougher than overcoming addiction to alcohol or cocaine. I don't think so. This is only one more way to justify bad choices.

If a child is given a label - lazy, dumb, ugly - do they live up to it? Yes they do in most cases. I think many are living up to labels rather that living in addiction. Is it possible to get addicted to a behavior pattern? I call this a habit and a bad habit if it means eating for the wrong reasons.

I refuse to accept that I am addicted. I don't want a crutch. I want to walk under my own power all the way to my goal weight. Do you?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Difference of Opinion

Nanny state thinking makes me crazy. This is the same blogger who got all outraged over Paula Deen's diagnosis of diabetes. I posted a few times on that topic as well. See Regulate SugarPaula DeenOur Shadow, and Nanny State and this by said blogger.

I understand that people can crave sugar and that it can cause the desire for more and more and more - but addiction? I have just lost 45 lb. I used low-carb eating and have been very happy with the results. The first thing I did was cut out refined sugar in all its forms. I used to binge; I used to eat sweets like there was no tomorrow; I used to talk about my sweet tooth being the death of me. Was I addicted? No. I think that is a convenient way to excuse not changing self-destructive behaviors. My overeating had its basis in emotions rather than food addiction. I thought addiction was when the person got to the point that his/her body depended on the substance to operate. There has to be medical intervention to get the person off whatever the substance is that they are addicted to gradually. I just quit eating it.

She mentions a study about people eating sugar and their pleasure center in the brain being stimulated - well duh - sugar tastes good. The pleasure center is stimulated during sex, when artists expresses themselves through their art, when an athlete achieves. I wonder if taxpayer dollars funded this. Something that stimulates the pleasure center in the brain does not mean addiction if you ask me. Maybe we should use our brains for thinking things through, for making wise choices, or setting and achieving goals - that should get that pleasure center firing on all pistons don't you think?

She gives Bloomberg two thumbs up for being gutsy and commendable. I think we are just becoming a nation of gluttons. Look at the houses people build, or should I say castles? I truly believe our dependence on foreign oil could be alleviated a great deal if people lived in houses that were what they needed rather than because they had the money to spend. If you consider the number of buildings and houses in America and the cost of heating and cooling these structures, wouldn't it be wise to bring it down a bit? Don't get me wrong, I believe we can build the house we want to build - just saying. How many pairs of shoes do we have? Jeans? Outfits? Purses? Jewelry? I am not holier than thou - I am a glutton when it comes to flowers and quilting fabric. We usually think of gluttony when it comes to food/drink but it applies to many areas of our lives.

So now that Bloomberg has made this gutsy and commendable move, shouldn't he limit cheeseburgers to a single rather than a double cheeseburger? He should also limit ice cream purchases to one scoop rather than two or three. Wasn't Tiger Woods a sex addict as an explanation for his behavior? -where did that come from? :-) So if I am limited to a 12 oz. soft drink rather than a 16 oz. soft drink, could I just buy two 12 oz. drinks if one won't do the trick since I am addicted and must have this sugar that I am supposedly addicted to?

I was listening to the radio as I ran my route and the host was talking about these people at graduation ceremonies who were escorted out because of their loud, unacceptable behavior during the ceremony. I do not go to graduations because of this. The audience is asked to remain quiet during the presentation of diplomas. I know at our graduations before I retired I wanted to get up and choke rude people who just wanted people to look at them as they whooped and hollered when their family member was called forth for the diploma. These people were told ahead of time that this was not going to be acceptable behavior and not to do it. The talk show host said he bet these people were fat. There were call-in's that verified his statements. He talked about fat women with big boobs bouncing as they made fools of themselves and embarrassed their graduate and themselves and yep, it was true. He then went on to talk about self-discipline as it relates to eating and behavior such as this at graduations.

As to the blogger who refuses to regain - it is ridiculous to even entertain the thought that mandates regarding  food will change behavior. People can buy it at the store for crying out loud. This is truly a problem but should be addressed in an entirely different manner. I know it is a strain on our health care system when people develop conditions/diseases from their lifestyles. Self-discipline is developed first at home. Adults set examples for kids. Expectations and follow-through with consequences is sorely lacking in our homes and our schools. We are getting what we deserve- both politically and socially. "Evil triumphs when good people do nothing." - Edmund Burke

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Smug Beach Diet


I got this idea from my sister's blog - jensgyrations.blogspot.com

Just some interesting reading. I liked reading the comments. I do know people who are all about going green, saving the planet, and all that. It seems to me they do a lot of it for the attention - they are the standard by which we all are judged. They are arrogant liberals. Don't get me wrong - I think recycling is a good thing and we should not pollute. If they want to be vegan, ride their bicycles, and go organic I think that's great. There is no need to be a snob about it.

On another note: From the June issue of Reader's Digest: WEIGHTY NEWS - Heart attack at the Heart Attack Grill. This place has been in the news. This is pretty high on the stupid meter - right up there with eating contests and drinking contests in my opinion.

At a Las Vegas eatery where diners don hospital gowns and the menu offers "bypass" burgers and "flatliner" fries, it's no wonder people thought a patron having a heart attack while eating at the Heart Attack Grill earlier this year was a stunt. It wasn't.

Owner Jon Basso told CBS News that many restaurants serve unhealthful food; he's just honest about it. And could eating one "triple-bypass burger" really cause a heart attack? "Maybe," says David Katz, MD, director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center. "Because of acute effects on blood flow, one very unhealthful meal can precipitate a heart attack in someone with coronary disease." In this case, the patient survived, but so did the restaurant's tongue-in-cheek marketing. "It's supposed to be "funny" that they serve "heart attack food," but when you or someone you love has a heart attack, I'm pretty sure it's not funny--at all," says Dr. Katz.

The more you weigh, the more you play: As part of a promotion earlier this year, the Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino in Hallandale Beach, Florida, awarded gamers 10 cents of free slot machine play for each pound they weighed. And if visitors wanted to fatten up before weighing in and earn more cash they could help themselves to free Krispy Kreme doughnuts provided by the casino, reported the Sun Sentinel. The number of treats you'd have to eat to earn just $1 of playtime: 180.

Where to start--

Do you see how easily we give over the rules and boundaries of eating to things like having fun at a restaurant like the Heart Attack Grill or getting more money for slot machines? Some will use their bodies as trash cans for things that can kill them.

Hunger and fullness are thrown out the window and I'll bet dollars to doughnuts (no pun intended) that most of these people are men. It's more macho for men to do things like this and there isn't the social stigma for obese men than there is for obese women. It is mindless to intentionally doing things like this. It is not like being caught off guard and making a poor choice. It isn't like being upset and using food for comfort. This is choosing to be sick and unhealthy and feeling bad from too much food and/or too much sugar. These are the same people who will sue the restaurant or the casino for the consequences of what they chose to do. True story - a burglar was in a home stealing a window air conditioner. He was electrocuted somehow and sued the homeowners for his injuries -- he won.

Amazing. What do you think?

Another nanny state move - Mayor Blumberg (sp?) bans large size drinks.  (from my sister).