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Sunday, April 8, 2012

You Are Free

You Are Free

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners…
Isaiah 61:1b

Do you ever feel imprisoned by the food, the alcohol, the money, any idol? But here’s a secret about that prison… You have walked into your prison by your own free will. You are holding on to the prison bars – they are not holding you. You continue to embrace your stronghold. Do you see that your fingers are holding tight to the refrigerator door and prison pantry, and there are no armed guards forcing you and keeping you in? But know this — Satan was defeated when Jesus walked the path to the heart of the Father and willingly accepted death on a cross for our sins. The prison doors are open! There is freedom for the captives! Do you want to walk out today? Then let go of the food. LET IT GO. You can do it! Food will never love you back, so walk away today. Take your hands off the prison bars…you are free.
(Excerpt from Rise Above, by Gwen Shamblin)

How often have we wanted out of this prison of overeating and any other compulsive habits that we have? We don't realize we can just walk out. I heard a story of someone who fell into a deep, dark pit but on the way down managed to grab a limb to hang on to. He hung on until his muscles were strained and all his strength was gone. He finally lost his grip and fell about 1 foot to the floor of the pit. It was dark so he didn't know. He found his way back up the side of the pit to freedom. We hang on to our sweets thinking that they will save us from something - have we hung on long enough? Why do we refuse to let these things go that are keeping us from reaching our goals? What possible benefit is there from continuing to eat sweets?

The more I learn about refined sugars and syrups the more I think we all need a sense of urgency about getting this out of our systems. There was a 60 minutes segment on sugar and the person described sugar as toxic. It creates heat in our bodies and causes inflammation. Our bodies should be more alkaline than acid and the typical American diet is definitely acid. I read somewhere that cancer loves sugar. Do some internet research on this and make food your medicine, your healer; not the cause of disease. We can't get off this stuff quickly enough.

The sweets are not keeping us in prison; we won't let go of them and walk away. We want them too badly. We crave them. What are they giving in return?

Have a blessed Easter Sunday.


  1. I have been off sugar for more than a week, and I feel different already--no candy, chocolate-- or caffeine either. I will allow sugar in my foods if it is 5th or beyond in the ingredients label. I have had to take these steps, because my own history tells me that eating sugar is the biggest contributor to my overeating. The cravings do stop after a few days--at least for me, and I am very grateful for that! Have a wonderful Easter!

    1. I am happy for you for getting off the sugar. Nothing good comes from it and the proof is in how much better we feel. Why would we ever want to return to the sluggish, craving, overeating life that eating sugar and other carbs brings? My energy level and my attitude is so much better with low carb eating. You have a wonderful Easter as well.