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Monday, April 30, 2012

It's A Process

The process of changing a life-style is more important than reaching a goal or measuring a performance. -Theodore Isaac Rubin

Do we have the cart before the horse?

Aren't we all about losing weight and getting to our goal?

Nope - not if we want to maintain the loss.

I would venture to guess that our life-styles cause us the problems we have to face. Things like:

Eating late at night.
Snacking in front of the TV.
Not drinking enough water.
Failing to exercise consistently.
Not enough sleep.
Celebrations (for everything).
We love to cook and bake so we cook and bake things that we can't stay out of.
Traditions like birthday cake, ice cream when it's hot outside, pancakes on Saturday morning.
Grocery shopping when hungry and without a list.
Eating too much processed food.
Halloween candy, Valentine's Day candy, Christmas candy, Birthday candy, etc.

If we partake, or take a day off, or splurge, or whatever for each event, birthday, family cook-out, baby shower, wedding shower, office party, celebration, and/or holiday festivities, can we really expect to do very well?

Changing our lifestyles will go a long way toward changing the number on the scale. How are you doing with this? What life-style change do you need to make?


  1. I have to look at my obesity as a serious medical condition. If I was allergic to nuts, I wouldn't eat them because they'd potentially kill me. Being obese will potentially kill me. Can I afford to take days off and splurge? Nope.

    1. I am glad to read that you have a handle on this and have a realistic assessment of what obesity can do to you. Life is worth living and living it being able to keep up with our kids and to just have energy and a positive attitude is the reward for our efforts. Take care.

  2. I really ask myself: Am I enjoying myself at a rare occasion or am I abusing myself? What feels better or right, not necessarily what I might traditionally do in that situation? Am I thinking clearly or just acting out of habit? I do truly feel as if I have changed my lifestyle and can't imagine going back! :)

    1. Isn't it great to be in control of eating? Being really able to enjoy food, regardless of what food it is, and then leave it until true hunger comes around again is priceless. A changed lifestyle is a difficult battle but when we come through it on the other side, it was so worth all the challenges we had to overcome on the way. Be well.

  3. I love the "celebrations (for everything)" line...it's so true. One thing that I have made a conscious effort to do with my kids in hopes of not creating a dysfunctional relationship w/food for them is to NOT use food as reward; i.e., a great report card does not mean ice cream sundae night at Coldstone Creamery...and by example as well: Josh landing a new client doesn't = a big dinner out.

    1. You are wise not to connect an emotion with food with your daughters. If they have a healthy relationship with food they will be able to have ice cream occasionally and then leave it alone rather than feel like they have been left out or somehow deprived without it. All food will be just food and not have some magic power to reward, punish, or soothe. Be careful out there today.