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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


The hiss of a snake - warning. The rattles of a snake - warning. The growl of a dog - warning. Shortness of breath, high blood pressure, pain radiating down the arm, high blood sugar - all warnings.

During the Bible Study Fellowship lecture our leader talked about our tendency to sin and what leads up to it. She described the temptations as the hiss of a snake. The first temptation concerned food. Ironic, isn't it? Esau gave up his birthright for food. Jesus was tempted with food after 40 days in the desert. Food has been a temptation since the beginning of time.

Placing ourselves at a disadvantage through lack of resolve and neglecting to be proactive should be the hiss of the snake. Are you afraid of snakes? I am. I am also afraid of weighing over 200 again. I am afraid of losing my ability to live independently as I get older. I am afraid of not being able to drive or see well or falling and breaking a hip. It is the hiss of the snake when I overeat because I am inviting these things into my life and hastening the weakening of my body.

Are you getting any warnings that you need to heed? My blood pressure is too high. It is better but it is still too high - the hiss of the snake. I am still overweight - the hiss of the snake.

I just had a life lesson that has been on my mind. Eight years ago we gave a registered German shepherd pup to Duane's brother Bill and his wife Laura. She doesn't like crowds and values her privacy.  We not only gave them the $350 pup but have given them truck loads of starts of flowers and trees. They have a beautiful yard in the city. I help organize our local garden tour and though I knew Laura would probably not want to I thought she would return the favor by letting me add their yard to the tour. She said yes reluctantly and a while later she called me and said she was withdrawing, there was nothing in her that wanted to do that. I was in a snit for quite some time. They named that dog Diesel and she loved him so much. They came out a couple weeks ago, Diesel was 8 years old and they had found him dead. She couldn't even talk about it; Bill told us. She cried so hard and my little slight just became so unimportant because I felt so badly for them both. They just came out a couple days ago and Laura was playing with Sarge and had to leave and go over by their truck and cry. Sobs. I could only hold her and let her cry as I cried as well. That stupid garden tour wasn't important anymore and I was so glad I had not verbalized how I felt around the family. I just kept it to myself. I remember a prayer, "Lord, keep your arms around my shoulders and Your hand over my mouth". I am so glad that prayer was answered. People are more important than things.

Take care.


  1. Thanks for the kind reminder of what is important in this life. So glad you were able to reap the lesson without too much pain between you and your loved ones.

    1. I even gave her a bunch more flower starts the other day. I will be giving more to her. It is more blessed to give than to receive. I need to remember that. Take care.