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Thursday, April 26, 2012


Experience is a wonderful thing. It enables you to recognise a mistake when you make it again. -author unknown.

Experience should be a good teacher. Why do we keep making the same mistakes over and over again? With eating mistakes we can even see it coming. We need to lubricate our lives with food for some reason we don't understand. 

We've experienced the momentary relief that eating brings. We are eating rather than dealing with a problem; occupied and mindless. Food is our drug of choice. That momentary relief reinforces the behavior. Those tastes are so wonderful and we feel almost euphoric. We are alone with our lover. We binge alone.

We have also experienced the regret and depression that follows the binge. Negative reinforcement must not be as powerful as positive reinforcement. Being disciplined by a parent caused fear and rather than causing us not to repeat the behavior; it made us sneakier. We were more careful not to get caught because there would be the negative reinforcement again - only worse this time. I have known of children who would not stop a behavior even knowing the consequences. The consequences were not enough to stop the behavior. We cannot be sneaky and dodge the consequences of overeating however. This is different. 

The reinforcement will surely happen. Call it Karma. Call it reaping what we sow. Call it what goes around comes around - it's all the same. We overeat; we gain weight. We eat within our boundaries; we lose weight. 

We are in charge of the reinforcement. There is no parent now to punish or reward. There is only us and the behaviors we choose.

Choose wisely today.


  1. "We are in charge of the reinforcement"....this is both insightful AND scary! I think the phrase from a song - "Aren't we all children after all?" is what explains some of my dangerously repetitive choices. Not an excuse - mind you. Just an explanation that should drive me to maturity in my most out-of-control moments...

    1. It's hard to face our responsibility in this area, is it not? We don't want to be responsible for it; we want to place the blame elsewhere. It just doesn't work that way and you are wise to work on reconsidering those dangerously repetitive choices - it's something all of us must master to be successful. Take care.

  2. thanks for your words. I swear watching tv commercials that show new food or fast food have subliminal messages. Or knowing that maybe I am depressed and gelling to the tube, the sponsors know that why not add some food to this all saying "Go run Get Some Yum". I have found that the less TV I watch the less I feel like a new Arby's Rueben or whatever.

    1. I personally feel like we would all be better off without TV. We could be out doing something or doing something productive around the house. We could read, listen to music, do some craft, write letters, exercise - anything but TV. Watching TV is not a real calorie burner. We cannot make a sport out of it. Take care.