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Monday, April 9, 2012

Can We Give It Up?

Have you ever noticed that many people want to lose weight but on their terms? If they don't lose weight, they "guess" it was the sweets, or the pizza, or the drinking. I think we tend to under report that topic. We try to make it sound like it wasn't so bad because there were always some extenuating circumstances that we over reported. We are quick to rationalize our indiscretions and now it's time to (you can finish the sentence).

There are no twinkie seeds. It's a good thing we can't grow our own don't you think?

The parable of the sower has a thought that goes with it - we reap what we sow; we reap more than we sow; and we reap later than we sow. 

We don't sow green beans and get radishes. We don't sow twinkies and get anything but grief. We don't sow hatefulness and get kindness.

We reap more than we sow. We plant one corn seed and we get a stalk with let's say two ears of corn full of kernels. We can sow one dish of ice cream and reap more ice cream, some oreos, and a bag of chips.

We reap later than we sow. In a few days after sowing things that have multiplied we weigh ourselves and start the self talk. We sow that talk and reap depression and perhaps a binge to punish ourselves even further. We just caused ourselves two weeks of cutting way back, craving hunger, and anxiety just to get back to where we started. 

We better leave the sowing to others who know what they are doing. Until we are willing to reap what we sow we better take some time to sow some healthy eating, some exercise, and plenty of water to we can reap the weight loss that we are after.

What have you been sowing lately?


  1. Your opening sentence is very true, Myra. A lot of people ask me for advice or just talk to me about fitness, weight loss, etc. and most of them do want to keep doing exactly what they've been doing (overeating, eating junk, being sedentary, that has resulted in their weight gain, health issues and personal frustration -- but have those habits result in weight loss, fat loss, smaller clothes and great blood pressure. And they'll whine about how they can't "live without" this or that,how they "hate" exercising, etc. and wouldn't it just be great if we could just take a pill that would let us eat anything we want and still be skinny?!! And I always tell them I don't think that would be a great thing at all, and for the life of me, I hope science never succeeds at inventing such a thing. We teach our kids not to take shortcuts, not to slapdash their schoolwork, not to cheat on tests, copy a friend's homework, cheat at sports and even board games; to turn in lost items they find, etc. but for ourselves, we want a cheat. We want a shortcut. We don't want to earn the results or do the work, we want someone to hand it to us.

    1. Amen sister. I don't like hearing, "I could never do this or never do that". "I can't do without-" It makes me want to say something hateful. Those statements sound so mindless to me. Don't ask for advice from someone who has done it and when they give the asked for advice launch into an immediate rebuttal and explain why they are special somehow and it wouldn't be for them. On another note, have you and Josh ever thought of organizing a garden tour or having one of your yards on a local garden tour with information about the services you provide? The Richmond Art Museum has one such tour and charges $10 a ticket. If it's a really great tour and you two are available to answer questions about a water feature for instance you might generate some business. Just a thought.

    2. Yes, the unwillingness of some people to even TRY to change small things for the better is extremely frustrating Thanks for the idea about the garden tour; maybe after he gets a couple of seasons under his belt locally. The photo of the garden with the rock wall and white chairs is actually work from two summers ago when he was in a different part of MA where he was quite established with a lot of that kind of high-end decorative work. Most of what he's doing now is more lawn care and pest control type stuff but I'm sure as time goes on he'll be doing some "showplace" type jobs, as well. YOUR flowers and plants that you posted are all quite beautiful!

    3. If there are home shows in the area you two could buy space for a booth perhaps. Word of mouth is still the best way to build a business. Hard work and doing a good job will pay off. I think it is a matter of public record when people buy a lot intending to build a house. You may find some potential customers that way. Thanks for the compliment. Flowers and fabric are two weaknesses of mine for sure. If you read the papers there are often listed the meetings of various groups. Josh could call and offer to speak especially if there is a garden club or some other group - they are always looking for speakers. I know at our Senior Center they are always looking for people to make presentations for the program after their monthly pitch-in meal. Elderly people need the services you provide as well.

  2. I nearly LOST it with someone this week over something similar to this. Someone telling me that I've done well, that it's inspiring, they want to work out with me and know what I'm eating... and then every time I said something like "I don't eat corn syrup," or "I don't drink soda," they went into a defensive fit. Ridiculous.

    I too often say can't or could never do that when I'm not ready for something. It's a passive way to say "what you're doing is great and admirable, I might be slightly jealous, but I don't think I could invest that way." (*ahem* gardening for me). :)

    1. Uh, Oh - you mean you don't want to garden? I can fully appreciate that - sometimes I don't want to garden either. Believe me when I say I have the artistic talent of a brick. All of my friends have different passions - it's all good. Take care.