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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Warning Labels

How long did it take us as children to learn not to touch something again that was hot? That was a pretty quick study wasn't it?

How long is it taking us to learn not to overeat (oh, about most of my life I would say).

Do we go back to that stove to check if it's hot again and touch it? How many burns does it take to accept that stoves are hot and should not be touched with bare skin?

There are warning labels on so many things - cigarettes, medications, equipment, toys, etc. Do people pay much attention to them or is it there so the manufacturers can avoid lawsuits? Have you heard some of the warnings in some of those commercials for various drugs? The one for Viagra was amusing - 4 hours? Joke - do you know what you get if you mix Viagra and Rogaine? Answer - Don King. Yuk, Yuk. Anyway -

What would the warning label look like on the birthday cake from a bakery? Warning: May cause dental cavities, diabetes, obesity, and lack of energy. We haven't paid much attention have we? We go ahead and eat it anyway because those things happen to other people. Other people come down with these terrible diseases and conditions. We have dodged the bullet so many times that it becomes comfortable to tell ourselves "not me". We can keep going back to the cake because we weren't diagnosed with diabetes the last time we ate birthday cake, therefore, we can do it again (and again and again).

However, I have had dental work done, am obese (working on it), and have suffered from lack of energy before cutting back the carbs significantly. Developing diabetes is not something I care to do. The other 3 are enough for me thank you very much.

What does the warning label look like on the apples? the organic vegetables? the raw almonds? Haven't seen one.


  1. I haven't seen one of those either! Great post :D

    1. There are warning labels on the things that are NOT healthy. However, many things that are not healthy have no warning labels at all. We have to be smart and educate ourselves on what we put into our bodies and not take the "head in the sand" approach. Just because it is for sale and legal doesn't mean it's good for us. Take care and good going on all that hiking!