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Friday, March 2, 2012

This is Sad


This brings up all kinds of emotions in me. If there is proof of food addiction this is it.

Never having been that big it is easy to be judgmental. I have never been addicted to anything and have been able to overcome my own eating "thing" with help at times but I had to do it myself.

I wonder how he is getting the food.

I wonder how he affords all that food.

I feel so sorry for him but he has to do this himself and I would think some family members would supervise what's in the house? He obviously is unable to get around very much and has to rely on others to get things for him.

Nobody wants to be like that. He is just a bigger version of what we have done. We somehow saw the way. Thank God for that. There is a person underneath all of that fat who is miserable. I don't know what else to say.


  1. Wow...the raw pain of that video leaves me speechless....

    the thing is, we all know that pain, but the question is, what triggered us to change and how could we communicate that trigger?

    I wish I had the words to help

    I can, and will, pray for him tonight. He deserves to be happy, no matter what his weight.

    1. It is a very pitiable thing. I, too, wish I knew what to say to people like that but he has to do this for himself. He has to get to that point where he says "Enough".