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Friday, March 2, 2012

Things Are Changing

Today was the last day that I will have a route. ATM Solutions is cutting back. I am glad all but the less money part. There were a few ATM's that would only have one or two deposits a day so US Bank just decided not to accept deposits in those ATM's which means no one has to get them and take them to the bank. Another bank is getting a new ATM and it will be built into the side of the building so the employees will have access to the back of it and can get the deposits themselves. I will still be doing some service calls and get to keep the company car because of the amount of driving that requires. I always get as much as I can done while on a service call - especially groceries and my own banking. I don't take advantage of the situation because I drive right by grocery stores and my bank while on service calls. It really helps. I have a fuel card for the company car and with what gas costs it just makes sense to stop at the grocery. I make note of the time and do not include it in the hours I turn in on my time care.

I wanted to eat all day.

When your routine/schedule changes, does it bring thoughts of eating to mind? It does me. I didn't give in to that "desire eating". I also have a lot of mouth hunger. At those times I focus on my stomach and determine if the hunger is real. It usually isn't.

While working this longer route for the last three weeks, I have not been consistent with my exercising. I missed my Quilt Club meeting and have missed Bible Study Fellowship for 3 weeks. I also missed a quilting class. I was registered for a Quilt Retreat but they said they would apply it to the April retreat. I appreciated that.

Do you know what "Sun Salutes" are? They are a great way to start the day with some stretching and breathing (you are probably breathing anyway :-) but this is an oxygen thing). Go to YouTube and watch some of it and Google it and print out the instructions for it. I think you will enjoy getting the kinks out in the morning this way.

We planted potatoes earlier in the week. Can you believe it? Indiana has had such a mild winter. I sowed some lettuce in my green house that Duane made me out of recycled windows and some green onions in a raised bed. I usually get too anxious and plant things and then lose them to frost. We are going to wait until June to put the garden out this year. If we wait until the ground is really warm, the plants do much better.

I have a Quilt Retreat coming up in April. I love those things. I will have two more in October. It's great to get away and quilt without interruption and make new friends.

Take care.


  1. Sounds like lots of things are coming together for you. The fact that you have been able to pay attention and fight back against the 'head hunger' is to be commended. I think it's just always hard to keep going on our path as things around us change, but then it's fun to see what you're looking forward to as well.

    1. Sometimes we just have to "roll with it". Things have a way of working themselves out and who knows what's next? We have to stay centered and that makes us able to deal with whatever life throws at us. Be well.